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Sunday, July 01, 2007

- Each player of this game starts by stating 6 weird things about himself/herself.
-The player than tags 6 other person.
- Each person tagged has to state 6 weird things about himself/herself.
- Each person tagged has to continue the game and it goes on and on.

1. I laugh when there's nothing to laugh at at all. Even if a shuttle (for badminton) comes flying to me I laugh cos I find that its funny and miss the smash D:
2. I hate pink, but sometimes I like pink
3. The computer seems to be my recharger. If I'm tired after training and think of going home to sleep, I end up staying awake till 4.30am cos I'm using the com and I will never yawn while using it.
4. I like all veggies. Well, ALMOST all. Even bittergourd.
5. I used to be in gymnastic in primary school. Take that fact in suckas!
6. When I'm sad, I tend to be a bit emo and sit in the corner of my room crying. It just seems to be my comfort place.

TAGGED (funny thing is, I have a whole list of people I know I can tag but I just can't think of who when I'm actually asked to)
- Kerrie
- Alicia
- Jiaqi
- Seraphina
- and Jane! :'''D
- aiyoh.. YOU LA!!! =X

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