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Saturday, July 07, 2007

This year's sailing nationals are like, one of those more significant ones to me? Yep. This is the first year I've ever felt so sad over not getting fourth.

Like, we missed out to the 4th placing school by 13points. If every race I got at least 3 to 4 positions higher we could have gotten 4th. But nevermind, at least I know I tried my best. No point crying over split milk.

First year I ever cried over getting a DNF too. Lol.

The boys? Not so good. The C div boys got last this year. According to Mrs Sidhu, "creating history for MF sailing". I guess this really hit them quite badly, but yah they're sometimes really too arrogant for their own good la. Like Wenfeng, during Sentosa he told me "I'm going to beat Herman"

For those who dont know who the heck Herman is, he's SIN7. Like, a damn pro national sailor?

I heard it as "be" so I double checked.

"No, I'm gonna beat Herman okay."
"Yeah, right. Like its some easy shit to beat him. You can't even beat Zach."
"Who says I can't beat Zach? HUH. So easy to win him la. When did he start sailing ah?"
"Doesn't matter. You can't win him now still you know? Don't think so highly of yourself la can."

Congrats to BOTH the 'B' divs from our school for each getting 4th for this interschools! :D Damn happy for you guys lol. So now the training has paid of huh :D

Some of the seniors got really pissed off with the sec 1 juniors for being unhelpful 'ornaments'. Erm, actually I kinda have to agree la. You can see that the sec1s (in general) are very prissy, with a good life and all, and like to ORDER the SENIORS around like they're the boss of us.

Now the juniors can even tell us to "Go to hell la" when we ask them to help us with even the most minor of stuff. Hur.

When asked to help the seniors with their boats they refuse to help.
When asked to help us put the boats on the rack, they look at us and run to the canteen.
When asked to help with anything, they give you the "You have a death wish, dude?" look.

I just hope next year's juniors are a bit more helpful, and not some expensive ornament to bai mei.

Bo tua bo sui. (mei da mei xiao)

Heard Lianghong and Tzuling scolded some of the juniors cos they refused to help them. I scolded Justin Ong for trying to pull my hair and rubberband, and I talked to Audrey and Isabelle about running off when Lianghong specifically called them to help us.

But all the juniors just dont care and give us lame excuses/scold us back.

I wish I could just scream at them sometimes.
"Wakao ei you want me to return the life jackets? GO TO HELL LA YOU PIECE OF SHIT."
Yep. I WISH I could just scold them.

Yesterday's Seoul Garden buffet after nationals was the best la.. Quite fun. We were also quite noisy and most of the juniors and seniors made a mess of the tables.

The juniors made their very own "Frappechino". Or whatever. I dont know how to spell it. By using the soup and pouring different stuff from the buffet into it.


We're having a sailing break for about one and a half week. Omg, I just wanna go and sail nowwww! :D I'm gonna be bored to death in school and just hope I could get to sail soon. Heh.

Me and Peckkhee promised ourselves we'd train hard for next year's interschools, starting now. I'm hoping next year we'd get 3rd or something. I'm gonna train hard so I can beat the KC girls next year.

Near impossible but I'm giving it a shot.

Next year's MF 'B' div girls are gonna win again :D

How well you sail doesn't depend on the sail, but the sailor. So right. And its the NSC service center uncle who told me that o.o

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