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Friday, July 20, 2007

Like, freaking computer

My computer is nuts. Freggin' comp. Took me so many restarts to get it to work.

I'd better be careful not to accidentally lightly knock into my computer. Or HAHAHHAHAHA it will hang, restart or not work. I think imma drag in my laptop soon. D:

Oh ya! Did I say I'd post pics of my uncle's new house?

Next post I'd do that.

(You know, I think I'm running outta things to blog. Uhhh.)

Yesyes. Sailing.

Yesterday I finally used a MOE boat for training. I'm using Tzuling's boat, B12 - SIN412. Don't worry Tzuling, B12 is in good hands! :D

B12 seems to like no one but Tzuling, tho. I feel like swapping with peckkhee for B09.. Since peckkhee wants to swap with me.

I can't believe I forgot to put bunk when launching >< SO PAISEI LA. When I went to the back of the boat then I realised I didn't put bunk and I wanted to die. I remembered Weiming threw a bunk into my boat so I found it and put it on.

I hate light wind.

I actually lost to the Pierce people and all the juniors on light wind.

I lost to Yeshen! LOL. I bet he must be like "Gwen so noob.."

For one thing, everyone was so noisy I couldn't concentrate. I kept trying to focus but its like so long never sail.. quite hard la.

My downwinds were good. I caught up with them on my downwind but on upwind I would catch up... then the wind would die down and everyone would go infront. Gust.... Grr.

Tomorrow is the Sakae NOSS competition. Wish me luck man.. I need it a lot.

Especially if its gonna rain the whole day as always and be light wind for God knows how long. Maybe the whole day even. Heh.

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