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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Some random photos I took during interschools 3rd and 4th day. MY FINGER KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY LA. So I can't post much of the other photos. D:

Today may as well be one of those, not-looked-forward-to, boring days.

Judging by my previous blog entries, I think my blogging bug is still ALIVEEEEEEE. *stares*

I didn't go for badminton with my parents today. Hurhur. Big achievement much. Actually I'm just too lazy. And sian, go there watch the adults play 15 or 21 point match while the little kiddos disturb me like shiat. I only get to play match after they finish la.

The internet is getting boring for me and yes, I'm not joking la.

Maybe Imma go play AuditionSEA later. I'm listening to Funky Town by Audition right now. Tempting me to play. I need 6k more experience to level up la! :D LEVEL 14teen! :D

This morning I didn't meet Celine at my place then go to tuition with her. We went individually lol. As usual I was late and she was earlier, mainly cos she went central in the morning with her mom.
Saw Ricky (the sec3 Unicorn house capt) and Chikheng downstairs the tuition center. I thought their tuition same time as mine? How come they're not going up lol. But I was already late so I didn't bother to stop and say hi. I just chionged up the stairs.

FINALLY bought a new pen. Like, ugh. Saw Audrey's pen in my pencilcase today and it indirectly reminded me I needed one desperately. Ugh.

I still haven't found a nice orange-white-black-grey Adidas sports shoe! D: saddened la!

The red pair I saw at Queensway tho, might be my new pair if I can't find an ideal orange one. The ones I see now are ugly like shiat okay.

Its like 93 bucks la. No wonder my parents say I'm spending too much money. But since I can't find a white Adidas sports shoe to use as school shoe like my current pair then they said might as well buy one to bring to school on Mondays for PT.

The Converse one I liked was like 99 bucks. No need say le. I'm not gonna get it la.

The actual Converse school shoe I wanted is like, not on the shelves anymore I think D: sadded la wth. I think that one looks nice la.


Omg. I sound like some spoilt bitch. But I think I'm not, so no worries.

No wonder my parents tell me I need to marry a rich husband or I'd go broke in a while :S

I was like, talking to my mom today about getting a PSP and she just kept ignoring me whenever I mentioned "PSP". The only thing she said was "wah, then you dont need to sleep liao lor.." lawl.

268/278 bucks depending on what version. Sigh. I've gotta save THAT much man. Justin wants to share money with me to get one then we take turns to take home. Ehh, sounds a bit impossible lol.

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