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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Complicated and unlucky shiats-

Complicated shiatsss! I think today's like, the kind of day that makes me think so hard but yet I can't think hard enough for my brain to sort out stuffs. Like ugh.

I don't know what you want either. So bahhhhh!


Later I'm going to lao gim's house for dinner! I hope she cooks western la. Like her cooking.

My mom should really try cooking western more :/

All my cousins are like gonna be there. Fun la! :D I kinda miss seeing them, even tho its like only 2 weeks since I've seen them. Hoho.

Believe it or not, I didn't lag out after one game of AuditionSEA! ;] happy la. Last time I always lagged out after one game.

AND BEATUP IS AVALIABLE TO PLAY AGAIN! They finally fixed the fcking bug that deprived me of my beat up pleasures.

Unluckily for me, my CPU refused to work for me, some fan thingy inside of it failed to work. Just nice la, when beatup can play le my CPU doesn't wanna work.

So I'm left with my laptop.

Which, doesnt have a numpad.
Good for me.

I want to go and buy those full-length keyboards that can attach to the laptop. I think I've seen one somewhere around Popular.. but then I'm not sure about the cost.

Don't care, imma drag daddy there to see a laptop-usable keyboard there. I have loads of spare keyboards at home but NONE of them can be used with the laptop. Stupid la, the USB thing can't insert into the keyboard.

So shitty.

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