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Sunday, July 15, 2007


HAHAHAHA I finally got my hair cut!

At first I quite like it, cos the guy help me blow and all. Then now I'm starting to think of how I'm gonna tie up my hair tomorrow cos my hair now quite short le. o.o and when my hair is flat and not 'pong', it looks funny... T_T

Tomorrow is Monday. Ugh. Hate Mondays, don't you?

And I have PE tomorrow. Yep, gotta run for those 2.4 failures. I gotta pass this time or Mrs Sidhu will kill me for failing la. LOL. Joking la. But I need to pass. Grr.

YAY CCA STARTS THIS WEEK'S THURSDAY. I'm hyper already haha.

Today I finally attended the long-awaited Hiphop class! :D Was super happy la haha.

My teacher is nice, even though Pamela's sis Priscilla thinks he's a bit weird.

The first lesson is like, uhhhh. Sian! He kept teaching us theory of hiphop. And the techniques of hiphop, the genres of songs and stuff.

I KNOW HOW TO DO WACKING! Haha the really basic one tho. The three of us (Pamela, Priscilla and me) kept laughing in his class cos he kept asking us questions and we blur diao.

His name is MAQRIUS. "Don't pronounce the 'Q'" he said. LOL.
Sounds like "M-a-rius" la.

Pamela told me when he mentioned C-walk, popping, and locking, my face lit up and had the words "AHHHH I WANNA LEARN THOSE LA COME ON LA!" or something. Like I wanted to hurry up and start since I already knew most of the basics to those.

Self-learnt, people. Self-learnt. Haha.

Maqrius kept asking me to demo Wacking. At first I just kept laughing and he taught us the basic of wacking (NOT WHACKING LA. GEEZ) and we caught on pretty fast.

Next lesson supposed to learn the choreography for the song "Get Up" by Ciara. OMG LA I LOVE THAT SONG. And freestyling to it ;]

But he hopes we could learn at least 6 of 8s in the next lesson. Uhhhh!

And I need to go shop man. Anyone wanna come? I need shop for more hiphop-ish stuff. Maqrius asked the 3 of us to wear more hiphop-like so that we can feel the hiphop whatevereewuhrqw and bring a "Funky Attitude" along next week. He's so cool can.

I think I need to practice more at home man. Tomorrow can go to school and show Pam the wacking I practiced at home (by watching too many videos from Youtube). Been trying to figure out that move for a long time and in the 1st lesson I had with Maqrius, I already learnt something I have been trying to figure out for a long time o.o


Can't wait till we learn breakdance. I need my 6-step corrected man.

Uhh, I'm already feeling sleepy. Talk more about my day tomorrow.

And guess what? Maqrius handed us a 'handbook' that was printed about 2 years back (explains the low-tech images) and we saw that inside, it had a "Tips on Dieting" page. Page 14.

1. Avoid eating fried or roasted food.
2. Keep your meals tummy fit. [Do not overeat!]
3. Vegetables and fruits have a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals in them. They are an important part of your diet.
4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.
5. Refrain from eating past 9pm.
6. Sleep early before 10pm.
7. Start your morning fresh with some light exercises from 8am.

Omg. I am like so gonna start listening to these "tips" lol.

Pamela and Priscilla even asked Maqrius why there is a page on "Tips on Dieting" in a HIPHOP handbook.

Maqrius said some people underperform before competitions, etc. cos they don't rest well etc before the competition, thinking they'd be able to perform very well as long as they have the skill and such. These tips would help us to be in tiptop condish for dancing hiphop.

LOL TipTop, HipHop.

Tiptop in Hiphop!

xD I am so lame.

HHKSpore. :D Maqrius is from that organisation lol.

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