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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tired, half-dead..

Uhh. Don't know where to start blogging lol.
I really miss training! Ugh. Its like today the only thing I kept thinking about was "I wanna train.. I wanna sail! D:" can ask Alicia. I think she hear me say 'till she sian already.

Went out with Kerrie and Alicia to eat at Sumo House today after school.

We just sat there and chatted while we ate.. I really miss the times the three of us sat together and just shared everything. Its just like, damn open between us la. Should do that more often :D during recess we just eat and zhao lor, that kinda thing.

After eating (super full. ugh) we went to Popular. Omg la the arcade is just upstairs, so tempting. But still I was in school uni la. Kerrie and Alicia both bought pens and Alicia bought that $2.70 pen I thought was nice! All white.

I was like, getting damn dizzy. All I could think of was "oh shit I think I'm so dizzy I could faint". Like, wth.

We then walked down to the bus stop opposite 7-11.

Our "parting" is like, so-called classical la. Cos there was 4 directions you could go to? Left, right, up and down. But I mean walk.

Kerrie went left to the bus stop on the left to take her bus, Alicia went to the bus stop on the right and I walked straight down to go home. LOL.

I went home and slept 'till 9pm. I kept waking up mid-way while in my sleep la lol. But I was just so tired I kept going back to sleep lor.

I think I'm falling sick already. Like, I keep feeling dizzy and keep getting headaches nowadays. And I'm starting to lose my appetite.

I can actually survive on eating one meal a day.

Okayyyy, maybe two - recess and lunch. Now I don't eat breakfast (cos when I wake up and see the food I'm like "ughhh get it away from me!") and when I see dinner I go into my room instead o.o

Funny thing is, I don't get hungry. In school I feel terrible la - head throbbing, wanna sleep, feel bloated even tho I've eaten nothing.. stuff like that.

And now my skin is peeling. Eww. I feel like some snake or something that keeps peeling its skin or something. Ughhhh...

My hands are damn dry now and I'm tempted to peel the skin myself instead of letting it flake off.

My headache's back. UGHHHHHHHHH.

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