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Friday, July 13, 2007

Seriously bored.. and hungry.

Ughhhhhhhh I can't believe I forgot that we had the housewarming tomorrow evening at ah-m's house la.. Then I told Mrs Sidhu I could make it tomorrow. Sigh. I wanna go and see what this closing ceremony will be like la.

Anyway, I think I'm like gonna fall sick.

I keep loosing my appetite. Maybe its just cos I'm starting to get like, weight consious (most girls are la) but I can actually survive the whole day on 2 meals when I usually have 4. Counting recess la!

I'd better not fall sick this Thursday man.. if not how to train for Sakae NOSS regatta la omg.

Right now I'm eating dinner as I blog. So maybe I'd take longer to finish off this post lol. :D

My maid cooked Japanese curry again! :D Nice la, just not thick enough. The Jap curry she cooks is always too watery.

Back to the topic. I usually get super hungry and like I gonna die liddat. NEED FOODDDDDD!

Then when I see food, I eat half a plate of whatever it is that I'm eating and I announce I'm full. Like yesterday la, waste my money.. Ugh. But I seriously get SO FULL that another bite might make my stomach empty its contents out.. eww.

So many of the sailors are not making it down tomorrow that Mrs Sidhu had to get some SCs and PLs to help. So paisei la. The sailors should go lor.. Since its like only our school thats going and such to help? Yeah. Be proud of MF! LOL.


I'm paying attention so much in class that whenever Mrs Supra asks me a question, instead of the usual blur 'Uhh... uhhhhhhhh..... uhhhhhhhhh!!!", I can actually answer "Erm, I think the live wire supplies electricity to the appliance, while the neutral wire sends it back." and Mrs Supra says I'm correct! :D

And she didn't even teach us what live and neutral wires do yet when she asked us la. She said so herself.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. And when she asks a question to the class in general, I can usually answer her question. Woah, I am a changed person. :D

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