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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm now at my uncle's house. Its like, quite boring la but its FREAKISHLY HUGE MAN.

3 stories - basement, (uhh) middle floor and top floor (?). And they even have a swimming pool downstairs la! The living room itself is already so huge and the rooms are huger.

When my dad was driving us to my uncle's house, he slowly drove past this long and huge house and I was like "Woah.. if ah-peh lives here it'll be super cool can!"

I don't know how loudly I said that out loud la cos I had my earpiece on so yeah.

Then, as soon as I said that, my dad turned into the driveway of the house.

I was just damn shocked. "THIS IS AH-PEH'S HOUSE?! OMGOMGOMG! MOMMMM! ITS SO HUGE CAN!" I screamed la. My mom was like "Ya, very big right? *grins*"

The door itself was already damn huge and nice. You know those huge doors you'd see at like, the Forbidden City? Just those Chinese shows that they direct it in such a way it seems like it happened way before we were born?

Yeah! Those 'palace doors' are my uncle's house doors. Yadayada *grinnnnns*

Okay so yeah.

Maybe I shall talk about my day? Pictures later.

I left my house with my dad and mom at around 5-ish, to go to the uhh, Thomson Community Center to fetch my bro from badminton. There were damn a lot of food la.

Before I left the house Justin and Lianghong called me but I didn't pick up cos my phone was on silent. Then I checked my phone again and Justin called then he asked me go watch Harry Potter with some of the other uppersec guy sailors + Nic.

Cos they had an extra ticket and they were finding people to watch with them, if not wasted. So end up they call me.

Sad la! My mom didn't let me go la. T_T I wanted to watch Hairy Potta!!! (LOL!)

I can say today I was quite fast in getting prepared to go out. Maybe cos I already planned the clothes I wanted to wear lol. But I did straighten my hair using the hair straightener and I didn't take that long okay! LOL.

I kept looking at Shunfu Mart cos my dad parked his car at the carpark downstairs I think block 313 there, then can see Shunfu Mart.

When I looked at it I just kept thinking about what it was like when I first went there to eat lunch. Should be when I was about pri4? On a Saturday, definitly. Cos it was after Wushu practice, I can still remember!

SEE! I'm not short-term-memory loss man. Wuahaha!

I refused to eat anything, and I was hungry. I didn't wanna eat cos I didn't wanna go Shunfu Mart to eat. HAWKERRRR. I used to hate hawkers in the past cos I always hated the smoke when people cooked the food there la.

But then my mom bought TAUSUAN, and I gave in. "Eh? I thought Gwen didn't wanna eat hor..!" my dad told my mom. Lol. End up they bought desert for me as my lunch. Hahaha.

Back to topic.

Then my bro came into the car as he ran from the community center. Stupid man, so sweatyyyyyy! UGH. He sat next to me and I made sure he didn't touch me man. He was like dripping wet with sweat!!! D:

So we drove into my uncle's house driveway and I screamed it was pretty yadayada. THE POOL IS PREETAYE!

I'll post photos later when I'm home later haha. :D

I was super hungry la. Then when we all started eating dinner, I drank one and a half cups of Apple Juice + Aloe Vera. Damn nice la. Should ask my dad buy.

Then I was full, when just a while ago I was literally dying from hunger la... T_T whats wrong with me.

My 2nd aunt made me get food tho, even tho I told her I was full already haha. There was like so much food but I only took half a plate of rice and a bit of herbal chicken (my mom knows its my fav so she helped me take more, if not my plate would be damn empty) and this crispy chicken thing that was a bit saltish la.. zzz. lol.

GE-M TOLD US THAT TIMOTHY WAS TAKING TAXI DOWN FROM WHERE HE WAS!!! He watched a movie with his friends la. Grrr. I should have thought of that too and went for the movie with the sailors. D:

Then I eat half of what I took and felt full. But I decided to just finish it la. Haha. While I was eating Melody came!

After she finished eating we just leaned against the pool's glass 'doors' (my uncle is apparently living with 3 girls who are, all younger than 7 please) and talked and talked.

Then Johnathan came. He ate.. yadayada. Then Timothy came. Then we talked with Timothy for a while after he finished eating and he went in so me and Melody stayed outside and chatted.. and chatted.. and chatted.

Damn boring. So we went inside cos I hated flies and I wanted aircon and EVERYONE but us were inside lol. So we went in and then watched TV with the rest of the cousins.

They were watching the last episode of the Shen3 something.. and busy commenting cos the computer effect was super lame and so were some parts of the show, even if it was meant to be a battle scene la. ;D

Siannnnn. The adults went into the SUPER HUGE study room and played mahjong. There were two tables full of mahjong players man. Ugh.

Speaking of which, now they're still at it. I mean the mahjong thing. No wonder I'm still stuck here, and I'm sleepy already.

Maybe I should go outside and sleep on the sofa, which is damn comfortable btw. I mean the long thing that is purposely extended out so that the sofa looks like a 'L' shape. Me and Timothy and Melody agree that its damn nice to sleep on la.

Timothy even said that all he needed was a room as small as the sofa, so that when he opens his door, he'll just jump on his sofa and sleep.




I'm really bored now. My bro and younger cousin are laughing at the Smosh videos I introduced my bro to watch last time. ZZZZ. *sleeps*

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