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Thursday, July 12, 2007

454th post!

My 454th post :D Nice number hahah.


She was like, become quite chio now cos she's not wearing specs. But the whole day she was super quiet la. Sad. She kept saying she wasn't bored but I can sense that she was.

Please la, Junction8 isn't exactly the place you'd wanna go to for fun right.

I thought it was only gonna be me, Rachel, Celine, Felicia and Rebekah there. But little did I know that Felicia asked a whole load of people la!

She asked Max, Waikiong, Junliang.
Rebekah asked Mandy, me, Celine and Felicia.

Too bad Max couldn't come la, cos I heard from Feli he was chionging a Science project work. Hoho poor thing la Max!

Waikiong suddenly became damn pai and knew how to scold every hokkien swear word there is around. Act pai much. Haha. Still tell us what, tuck in shirt and tell us don't act pai! See who acting pai la hor.


I was super shocked la. The boy Ethel/James suddenly looked..

Lol. I was freaked out. Celine already warned me of the changes.

We slacked at Macs for like damn long la. We couldn't think of a place to go to. Junliang even took out his homework to do can. Keep going so close to Mandy lol. I wonder why- 8D

Ethel came and we slacked awhile more at the same spot, then she suggested we go Royal Sporting House to BUY HER AN ADIDAS BAG FOR HER BIRTHDAY. Haha walao eh she went around asking us all to buy her an Adidas bag for her birthday =/ I WANT ONE TOO!

Then walked around. Shiat, super sian can.

We had dinner at PASTA MANIA! :D

Can say the food is nice - I got Cream Chicken Spagetti - but the cream in what I ordered was like, damn little. It was so dry la I was sick of eating it after eating half the bowl. Also cos I was full already.

Then Ethel kept persuading me to get more cream from them. Felicia compared mine with hers and was like "Okay I think all the sauce from my bowl isn't gonna make yours creamier.." and urged me to ask also.

So I went to ask.

"Err..... Excuse me? Can I get more cream for my spagetti.. Its very dry."
"Oh, you want more cream izzit? Okay uh, which table are you sitting at?"
"That one *points at the mad cows at the table*"
"Okay. Please give me a moment *takes my bowl of spagetti*"

Felicia: GWEN! YOU REALLY ASKED? Omg la!
Ethel: See I told you they would give can.
Jiyin: *laughs on and on*

Later the guy came back with my bowl of spagetti.

I was like damn happy-

-only to find that my bowl of dried out cream chicken spagetti had become CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP.

The bowl was flooded with the cream sauce, and everyone at my table were like, gasping la.

Felicia: Omg! So much?
Ethel: You might as well go to them and tell them "My spagetti is too wet, can you take back some of the sauce?
Jiyin: Cream of mushroom soup anyone? :D
Ethel: Gwen!!! I kope some from you hor!
Felicia: You know what? I think the people here are like, being plain sarcastic la. You asked for a bit more sauce and they end up filling your bowl with it. I just think they're being sarcastic can!!!

Yep. I got 'free' soup. Ugh.

If they were really being sarcastic like Felicia said, to hell with them. So evil to drown my spagetti! D:

The moment that guy came back with it, I ate a few mouthfuls and declared I was full. And I was REALLY full la.

So Ethel, Jiyin, and Felicia helped me finish it :D

Quite good and the food is worth the price, if it wasn't so dry at the start and wet when the guy gave it back to me la.


6.90 wasted on that sia. UGH. I'M NOW BROKE FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK LA.

I'm freaking tired now. Bye! CIAOSSSSS! <3

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