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Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Is anyone out there, cos it's getting harder and harder to breathe"

I'm so bored I went to people's blogs whom I think have loads of quizzes and went there reading, wondering if the quiz is interesting. Heh.

Guess what?
I slept at 7.20am!

And now its 1.23am. I'm still not dead. Hehheh. Surprise surprise! Actually, I'm already half dead haha.

Someone remind me if I ever need a new keyboard, don't buy those from Dell cos they're just too small for me, my right arm's wrist has to keep turning left and right to type. Damn uncomfortable lol.

My parents are playing mahjong with my relatives now. I think they're only near halfway thru the game. I'm hungry, sleepy.. bored. I knew I should have gone home just now with my ku-ma, since she was sending ah mah to Melody's house first.

I was so bored, I even introduced my 6 year old cousin to Neopets. Funny much.

So I'm stuck here. And I guess I still will be for a few more hours. Maybe I should check around if I could sleep on the sofa.

Tomorrow I'm so looking forward to going to the arcade at Jubilee after tuition. Hope no DRUMMANIA HOGGERS are there tomorrow. Ruin my game/mood.

Loads to do!

1. Play Drummania
2. Look for Justin's birthday present, either at Bugis or AMK Hub - Adidas shirt, red and black. Don't buy blue cos he's already too blue. Large, if there's grey and pink can get it, and check around for cheaper Gundam Models since he wants one so much.
3. Get Celine birthday present. ITS HER BIRTHDAY! 1st July
4. While looking for Justin's present, find an Adidas jacket while Singapore Sales has its last day.




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