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Saturday, July 14, 2007

BORED. Like, duh!

Uhhhh. Like so far everyone's watching/watched Harry Potter.


I think Timothy Neoneoneo is watching it today, and Justin and uhh, Nic, Zach, Lianghong they all also watching today haha.

I think Rachel and Rebekah has watched it too la. Never ask me along hor Rae! LOL.

TIMOTHY DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO FIND THE CATHAY (I mean, using different methods to locate it). Rahahaha. I'm highly amused.

The Cathay as in not Cathay Cineplex. Its at Dhoby Ghaut.

He asked me for where The Cathay is la. I was like "o.o uhh. I don't know?" cos I've never heard of it. Then when I helped him find over the internet he told me he just checked the directory.

Uhhhhh, he should have thought of that earlier.

He even told me he might not go ah-m's house for the house warming thing cos he's going out with his friends for the movie thing and go out till God knows when, and abandon me and Meldoy. D: haha okay not so bad la.
Like zzz.. I wanna ask him about his school's sailors. Okay random topic.

Oooh just nice I'm listening to "Random" by Lady Sovereign.

Right now, I'm really tempted to go downstairs near Celine's place to get my hair cut, then go shop for a pair of shorts at Hub.

I'm really bored, I need a haircut and I need a nicer pair of shorts before I keep using my Newbie NWO 'shorts' till it turns GREY. Its so long and loose for me its like 3 quarts.

All links. Boredom and such.

Oh but now I like my hair (not at the ends) cos its quite wavy/curly. :D and I seldom get such nice curls on my hair la. But too bad it didn't curl at the ends. Gah.

Maybe I should have gone and meet Rebekah and Yanwen at Bugis, then I can buy shorts! :D But ugh I already told them I'm not going. ZZZZZ. Sian.

AHHHH why can't we just hurry up and go to ah-m's new house like, now (or at least after I finish getting ready la). and let my cousins happily push me into the pool!

Even the INTERNET is getting boring for me, I have nothing to do on it now that my blogskinner life has been on Hiatus for like a super long time and I'm lazy to do another skin.

I think I'm gonna practice poppin 'n' locking, along to the song "Pumps And A Bump" by MC Hammer. I'm so bored.

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