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Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 little 2 late

''You say, you dream of my face. But you don't like me, you just like the chase. To be real, it doesn't matter anyway. You know its just too little too late.''

Just woke up and ALREADY there are songs stuck in my head. First it was BoA's ''Listen to my Heart'' now its JoJo's ''Too Little Too Late''.

Anyways photos from yesterday will be up soon! I'm using my cellphone to blog now so I obviously can't upload the photos. Gotta go edit them too.

Had an awesome day! Even though Elie, Bern and I couldn't attend the flash mob cuz they changed the time to 5.20pm instead of 4pm (cuz some minister was late), going to Marina Barrage late at night with Alex and Gabriel totally made up for it.

Met them at 5.30 to have dinner and to play pool (now you know why I had to skip the FM. I was supposed to meet them at 5 actually). Don't know why but the past few times I played at AMK's KPool, I totally had no feel. Same goes for Gabriel and Alex.

In the end we left at 9pm to go to Cotton On. Bought this dress-like thing and a new shirt. I need to clear all my pri-sec school clothes from my wardrobe :\

Cabbed down to Marina Barrage after deciding between Haji for drinking (I don't drink tho so it'll only be the both of them drinking) or Marina Barrage for slacking. We reached there by 10.30pm thinking it'll be empty but nooo MORE PEOPLE CAME IN AS TIME PASSED. Surprise, surprise! -_-

Left at 12am+ and walked out only to realise there weren't gonna be any cabs coming in from MBS. Sat at a bus stop, debated where to go for supper since Gab didn't have dinner and was hungry. Decided on Thomson for Prata House and called a cab.

Shared 1 prata with Alex while Gabriel ate 3 plasters. Alex asked, ''Why is it called 'plaster' ah? I still don't get it.'' to which Gabriel replied, ''Because the egg on top look like a plaster to cover the prata, so they called it plaster lor.'' HAHAHA LAME.

Finished eating/talking at around 2am+, cabbed and asked them to drop me off at the Bishan Park area so I could cut in through the blocks to go home.

I realised I do the awesomest night-life things with Alex, Gabriel (and Darrell). The last time it was singing KBox until 4am and walking from Cine to Plaza Singapura cuz the 1st train didn't start yet and we had to kill time hahaha!

WAS AN AWESOME DAY, GUYS! We should do this more often. :)

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