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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Calm my Frazzled Nerves

Went to Vivo for a rooftop HTHT yesterday with the BFFs.

Aaron didn't make it though. :(

Had dinner with them (the hor fun from Kopitiam tastes like crap, DO NOT order it no matter how desperate you are for hor fun!) before Alex and I satisfied out BBT cravings.

Alex and I were extremely exhausted. Was gonna take out my specs to wear to hide my tired eyes because all I could feel were my eyes closing, so Darren suggested we go get drinks from Daiso.

Lex and I bought Blended Coffee (not the black canned one in the photo. Its the brown one) and we didn't like it much.

I still prefer Nestle's mocha etc.!

Went to see the puppies at the pet shop and they were so friggin' cute! Especially this golden retriever of 4 months. If photography was allowed inside I would've taken a photo. Actually I doubt the staff there care because there wasn't any near the golden retriever I was going nuts over.

It's fur colour was.. different. A really pretty shade of gold.

If I could get a dog, I'd get that. My dream dogs are big dogs, namely golden retrievers and great danes. I doubt they'd allow a great dane in Singapore though.. I've never actually seen anyone in Singapore walk a great dane in parks or out on the streets.

And I'm guessing its cuz great danes are THIS big:

Which Singaporean would have the time to take care of a dog this big? Especially since we're all either too lazy to put in the effort required when it comes to owning a dog, or we're just swarmed with too much work that we don't have time for a huge dog.

And no, that isn't a dalmation. But I think great danes are in the same family as the dalmation.

We talked about a lot while we were there, lying on the ground facing the sky. 'Twas a cloudy day though, so no stars. Was pretty bummed out about that.

One thing I took note was that Darren said Alex and I are actually very strong. Not strong physically but mentally. For Alex yeah I would say she's strong, but me? I really find myself rather weak. I may be strong on the outside, but I break and crumble extremely easily especially when it comes to relationships. Not only BGRs, but in terms of friends too. I've experienced too much to call myself "strong". Primary school.. Secondary school... I already have the evidence to prove otherwise.

But yeah, I guess when I "fall", I stand back up regardless. I may mope around for a long while but after that..

..I only come back up stronger.

I really like this one thing Darren said: "If you were to fall, fall forward."

Yes, I love my Vans and I really need to get a new pair soon. :(

I watched a video of Monica Parales and this girl Alexa (not Alexis) dancing and I think Alexa danced in her old-school Vans.

Ouch. I wouldn't dare dance in this baby of mine.

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