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Saturday, May 15, 2010


One personality trait of mine that I absolutely abhor: I MUST know exactly what's going on.

Two instances to prove it: Last time I went to NTUC with Aaron and Darren after playing L4D2, they kept saying, "Hm.. should we tell her? Nah later la." or, "Aaron why don't YOU tell!" Cuz they were gossiping about someone but I didn't catch who it was, as usual. I had a rough idea but they kept saying they'd tell me later or and when I guessed they would go "I don't know. Maaaaybe? :P"

Bullshit. I went nuts when they did that.

I told Darren while at Vivo cuz we were talking about being strong and all and he was like, "We didn't know omg haha sorry!!"

Another person who tested this theory out was Spencer. We were supposed to meet the next day and he had something to tell me, but he went, "I lazy to type it all out here! Tell you tomorrow k. :)" and I gave up asking.

Within half an hour or so, I was back in that MSN conversation window asking him, "Eh I can't figure. Tell me!!!"

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