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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

Hey best friend,

I know things have not been good between us for like a week or so already. I just hope that you know I'll always love you no matter what.

I miss the little moments, like the times we have cold wars for like 2 days in school and suddenly while walking out of school with Cia, Jon Ha etc. from the back staircase beside 4I we'd just hug and say, "Omg I'm so sorry!!" and suddenly it'll be as if the cold war never happened.

And the time when I couldn't get over J. You knew that after I had a HTHT with Quin while having powerball during PE that something was wrong even though I didn't say it, and suddenly during recess you asked me if I wanted to go back to class with you cuz I was so close to crying. The moment I sat down at my seat I put my head on the table and cried and you just sat there telling me its alright.

Oh and Aaron and Ruixing looking over in the dark classroom (in MFSS we're not allowed to go back to class until the bell rings to signal the end of recess) and wondering what happened.. hahaha I remember everything about that day.

Speaking of which, Aaron just talked to me on MSN hahaha telepathy!

I MISS 4E OMG. Those I used to sit with (Manda Mel Syafiqah Cia Qah) and my familyyyy (Bryan Cho Lianyi a.k.a. Ah-Lian or Ah-Yi).

Oh well, time to go get my brunch (Mom toasted up for me cheeken pie! Awesome!) and eat Panadol before my Emath tutor comes.

It feels like my head's gonna explode!

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