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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I love nights where I blog using my cellphone because I feel more intellectual.

''Oh my God. It's almost 5.'' Was the first reaction I had when I was done snapping random photos of my room.

(And yes, my room's terribly messy now.)

When you're all alone, all you can do is reflect on the day's activities, so on, so forth.

Lying on my bed -- head on my pillows and legs sprawled all over my quilt in an unwomanly fashion --, I felt like.. Something was missing. Like.. there's suddenly a void in my life.

Then I start to think about why, and that brought me back to today. Somehow, I DO know why.

The hardest thing for anyone to do is to admit that they have no other option other than this particular one, that they are given no other damned choices. Its hard to understand that this is it, its make it or break it. I still wonder how people can actually perceive me as a strong person (and by ''someone'' I mean Darren G.), when I find myself the most frail, most fragile being on Earth.

More tomorrow. Will upload photos taken today (now yesterday as it's technically past 12am).

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