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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It will only bring you Down

Today (17th May) was awesome! I think I met my dream guy at dance. *Dreamy sigh*

I was smiling and laughing damn loudly like an idiot the whole time at dance today. HAHA.

My knees hurt quite badly whenever I bent them, and I'm a bit worried about that. Apart from that, I think the Poppeye's Mel and I had for lunch was rejected by my tummy cuz I had diarrhea when I got home and the whole day I felt terribly uncomfortable.

Having not eaten fast food for a really long time, I'm presuming that's why I felt so sickish.

The dance for this event's kinda silly actually. Well what can I say? The song itself was stupid. JJ Lin sung it, so its kinda disappointing? Sounds like an "OH the deadline for this song is tomorrow! Alright, I'll come up with some stupid tune to go along with it.." thing. The end result?

"Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, HEY! Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, HO! You are the one Singapore, now it's your time to-"


Oh by the way if you guys wanna come down and see the flash mob, its on this Thursday and next Sunday! More details so check back on this okay? There'll be like 200 youths and Jae (the name "Jae" makes me think of Jaebeom oppa. I was so heartbroken when I saw Sylvia's text telling me to "message Jae for more details about perf and prac!" cuz I could only think of my darling Park Jaebeom T_T) promised us he'll book this area for us and we'll have a party/celebration in early June! EXCITED.

Hung around Dhoby Ghaut 'till quite late. Was supposed to go to ahmah's house but it was too late so Elie and I went to find Cheryl at Hougang Plaza and played pool! Whoopwhoop.

Gabriel, Ben and CY are all saying I'm a pool addict.

*Cough* They play pool more often *cough* than me! *COUGH COUGH COUGH CHOKES*

Called Fred and told him to come back cuz I wanted to play with him.

I have a new nickname for him: HUMBLE APPLE (Crumble) PIE.

He played with them for a while, and when Cheryl left I changed our table and left to withdraw money with her, telling Fred to teach Elie how to play.

When I came back she played against me and she won?! I was shocked cuz she improved from not being able to get any balls in to winning me. Okay fine its cuz I was clearing the black ball and I told them I'd get it in the one at the corner but I got it into the middle. But Elie only had one ball left to clear before going for the black ball.

'Tis the power of Humble Apple Pie the Shifu. He and Darry taught me most of the things I know about pool. Hahaha I still blame them for getting me hooked onto pool! :)

Then Humble Apple Pie challenged me and I won once. Still feels good whenever I win him.

He then challenged me one last time before we left, telling Elie the match would be less than 5mins and that he'll trash me in this round. Hah in the end I was still pretty alright! Didn't get trashed totally. I think I've improved :)

Left around 11pm+ and walked to the bus interchange. The telly said 165 was still in service but we waited around and it never came so he just advised us to take a cab. Sigh I feel so broke. Why can't Singapore have buses and trains running after 12am? Ridiculous.

Meeting Cheryl at Cineleisure for pool again tomorrow!

I'm gonna try learning this song on my keyboard. I remember how when I was sec4, this song was overrated because EVERYONE was playing it. (Mayflower Sec has three pianos that students can access)

Now.. Should I eat my dinner? At 4:49AM? :S

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