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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Was at home alone the whole day today.

Guess who accompanied me?

Doggone the stuffed toy dog! (Yes its a stupid name for a stuffed toy dog but I named it in sec 1 when I got it as a birthday present from Sera and Jane! Can't blame me.)

This little fella never fails to be by my side. Especially on the days I just feel moody and feel like tearing up. I wish it were a real dog though.. I'd be on cloud nine!

So yeah I spent the whole day at home watching Animax, playing Sims 2.. Basically I was too lazy to go for badminton today since I have like a week full of dancing ahead of me and I woke up with my shoulders and neck feeling real sore today. Couldn't turn my neck. Felt like what you'd experience after wakeboarding/cable skiing, and that sucks big time.

Well, I'm planning to sleep earlier today so that I can wake up early to revise some Social Studies chapters and complete my Emath homework.. which are all on the chapter of GRAPHS.

I swear. If I were a mathematician, I wouldn't have invented graphs.

Found this photo on Photobucket. The colouring of the photo's so pretty but the moment captured.. even more so. Its beautiful.

Love is beautiful. But it can also be the most harmful thing on Earth.

It makes you feel lost, vulnerable.. and every other emotion you wish you'd never experience again.

I mean, not like I'm saying that's how I feel right now. And honestly, what is a relationship without its downs? How are you to know if that someone truly loves you unless he's willing to love you through everything? And right now I only feel excited. Excited for one thing: dance. Just thinking of the performance on Thursday and Sunday's getting my mood up and adrenaline pumpingggg.

It may only be a 2 minute-long dance, but I'll still enjoy it anyway! And I can get to wear the ICF pants I finally collected from Twin! 40bucks.. Better wear it as and when I can. The pocket's (I took a photo. Its below) really cute! Not your typical straight-cut pocket, but a wavy one.

Alright, blog more tomorrow after or before dance! See you!

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