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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celine Xie!

I'm bored. So here I am, blogging again!

Sorry for the lack of photos. I know my blog's extremely dull because of that, but what to do when the blogger herself is leading a mundane life?

Well actually I'm just terribly excited to meet Celine again tomorrow for our movie + shopping + mom's shop trip! I met her on the way to work this afternoon. Must talk about this!

I decided to take the MRT instead of the bus down to Changi since Nana Wifey asked me to go down earlier, and I was kinda "late" for early. (Get it?)

When I was near the overhead bridge I saw this girl carrying a purple bag which seemed all too familiar to me. I thought, "Oh. Celine has that bag too.. Sigh." But then I noticed the shoes the girl was wearing.. Celine and I have the same pair of Adidas school shoes except hers is blue while mine's reddish-pink. So when I saw that girl's school shoes I immediately started sprinting in her direction. "CELINE!!! CELINE XIE!!" She stopped walking, gave me a blur look and was like, "EY GWENDY!!! OMG HI GWEN!!!" Heehee.

Then she walked me to the train station and it started to drizzle/rain while we waited for the traffic light -_-

Oh we have the same school bag too! We bought it together.

HAHA that day during O's as I was walking to the central bus stop to take a bus down to school, I saw Cel walking to school (she's from AMKSS so she can walk there) and when I caught up with her we realised we were both carrying the school bag we bought together, and were wearing the same Adidas school shoes!

We were both laughing and going nuts about that, wishing we had our cameras to capture the moment. Haha I'm smiling as I type this :)

Goes to show she's one of my best friends! :)

Oh, and that friends can wear and carry the same things without feeling embarassed or feeling like XMMs (Xiao MeiMeis).

I miss you so much, you know?! Even though you live a few blocks away, we never seem to meet or cross paths. Gosh I should meet you for dinner at the coffeeshop near your house everyday.

Anyway, I'm really tired right now. I slept throughout the bus ride from Changi to AMK. I woke up as the uncle turned into the interchange, phew! But when I did, my head started hurting and spinning real bad and I was so exhausted I wanted to find a place to sit and continue sleeping.

I hate walking home after work. At 12am+, the blocks and areas I walk past become.. weirdly creepy. Especially the coffeeshop near Cel's house! All the uncles sitting there drinking beer make me feel damn uncomfortable. Looking for volunteers to call me next Monday and Tuesday at 12am+ to accompany me as I walk home! Hahaha.

Its strange, how when I'm with the right person/people, that route I walk down to home doesn't seem creepy at all.

Yet without that person/group of people.. I never want to walk down that path again.

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