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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello there, the Angel from my Nightmare

Nyeh my head's hurting real bad and I've got a sorethroat and cough right now. The season of falling sick's back. Booo....

Or maybe its because I've been sleeping late recently. Hm.

The song Timothy let me hear at his place is awesome. I can't stop listening to it now and for some reason it feels calming. Its a song without lyrics by the way.

Today's dance lesson was just.. awesome + horrible.

Awesome because I love dancing in general, and horrible because we used studio 3 and the aircon wasn't on and the reggae class used it before us.

The moment we stepped inside the foul stench of sweat, body odour and the likes of it hit our noses. And oh, try imagining yourself dancing in a sauna. We did IPP in sec1 and sec3, and I remember how when we opened the doors and ran outside, the hallways felt like it was air-conditioned. That was EXACTLY how I felt today! The moment Xiaohei told us to take a break, everyone rushed outside and my first comment was, "OMG THIS FEELS LIKE AIRCON!"

Oh btw I made two more friends today! Nadya and.. I forgot the other girl's name. :P

Anyway, I'm going to sleep with 2 (was 4) plasters covering a wound on the back of my leg.

Most girls get blisters from wearing heels. I, on the other hand, got abrasions from wearing my Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly series shoes to dance.

Heehee does anyone remember them? My pair of hi-tops that I wore to emcee for MFSS's National Day celebration with Jiaqi! (I got the photos of my shoes off my blog post about that day.)

I wasn't even near the school when I started limping cuz it hurt so bad. Went to 7-11 and bought a pack of plasters.

Headed up to *Scape and was happy to see that a lot of popular shops/restaurants are gonna open there! Like Xin Wang Cafe, SAKAE Sushi, Stage, X-Zone.. it's gonna be awesome! After lessons we've got so much more to do now other than to just go down to Cine to chill.

After class, Grace, Anika and I went to 7-11 at Cine to buy drinks.

Sitting at the ledge outside 7-11 to chat, we saw this tranny. She was happily insulting the girls that walked past. Like, "You, you look STUPID. Wear this ugly dress for what!", "You UHHGLY LA."

Or, "OEI! You pregnant ah??" when a fat girl walks past. When handsome guys walked past she would pull down one side of her jacket to reveal her shoulders. Of course the guys only walked away laughing/frightened or just ignored her totally.

Yeah this person's actually a bit mentally ill I guess? So yeah even though it was funny watching her insult every girl that walks past (especially those with boyfriends), we all felt quite bad for her? Grace even said that she felt like going over to hug her, telling her that it's okay. So sweet of Grace!

Haha Grace said something damn funny as we listened to the songs blasting via the speakers around Cine:


(The song My Chick Bad is the song to the choreo we're learning.)

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