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Friday, May 21, 2010

You make me Happy, when skies are Grey

Photos from the dance prac a few days back with Elie and Bern:

This is damn retarded. The dance might've been a tad bit silly and weird at first, but on this dance prac day, this dude from the YOG side observed us and changed EVERYTHING.

My mood on that day was already like shit because I was annoyed since morning, and when this guy treated us like little kids and all that I just became really guailan. Couldn't help it, everyone was pissed off and when the session ended Jae called us together and told us Thursday's performance at Raffles City was cancelled.

At least we still get paid, but wtf right?

Max was quite pissed off about the changed dance too. It became like some moronic cheer and flash mobs are supposed to be spontaneous, not planned and rigid. The fun of the dance was totally stripped off.

Max said as we all walked out together, "Don't care la on that day itself we just dance the old way! Don't care, not like he'll come and watch us also right?! HAHAHA."

Sigh no wonder they say anything Singapore-related just isn't fun..


I'm hooked onto K-On! season 1's OP. Just started watching today after catching another episode on Animax. Pure awesomeness! :3

My favourite lines are these:
A bright future is offered to me...
that's why I take a break once in a while.
With these eyes I'll confirm
my destination and Mark it on my map!

The important thing is to love oneself,
if you don't love yourself, you won't love other people.

The important thing is to accept oneself,
if you don't forgive yourself, you won't be able to forgive other people!

Meaningful lines, no?

It may be weird to say this, but K-On! makes me want to pick up guitar again. I've always wanted to play the electric guitar but my dad always forbid me to because the guitar itself's too expensive. He always tells me to borrow from Timothy but I'm like why should I borrow an electric guitar from him? Its his baby.

I'm trying to learn more scores on the keyboard. My days of playing it 'till 4am might just be slowly coming back.

Life has actually been getting better and better for me. I'm quite happy with everything now actually! Like I'm my old positive self again, which is really good. The first dance session at O School was good, I made two new friends -- Anika and Grace! They make me more excited for dance because when I was at Studio Wu it was just me and Bern, so if Bern didn't go I would naturally feel lazy to go.

But I'm worried. My knees have really been giving me hell and I'm quite upset about it. That's the only problem I have now in my life really, and I can't help but to think it'll affect me in dance in the long run.

Especially since today Xuehui used a lot of knee movement?

Thank God next week we're gonna go more chest movements. Less on the knees please T_T

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