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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yayyyyy! I've not blogged for like 3days plus? Too tired/hardworking to use the comp. HAHAH, crap.

Anyway. I hated Tuesday.
1. My boat I've been using when I was sec1+2 is now taken away..
2. I had super bad luck on Tuesday.
3. Everytime I wanna sail I think of studies.
4. There's something wrong with my shin {SP?} bone/whatever and its hurting. (not gonna see doc!)
5. Idk.

So yeah. Sucks.

Today we had PE. Ran 2.4! I could have passed, if I didn't keep walking. Last round wanted to chiong but my left leg started hurting again like Monday. So I only chionged the last part, and came in limping. End up Lianyi and Nicolette had to help me walk to the bball court. Thanksss! :D

And oh! I ran 1 round without stopping. YAY ME! Hur, cuz I've never ran 1 round before without stopping. So its an achievement, tho a pretty slow one. Hahah.

Ate recess with a limping leg. x] Mr Lim joined us and so did some other 3E girls. We kinda koped this other sec4 class's table and the guy scolded us, saying what "This is our table, you all can't sit here." and scolded Sera for knocking her cup against the table cuz it was damn annoying. o__o

Ms Yeo didn't come for Lit, so went to canteen. Suckssss! D: I like lit. Saw Mr Tang in the canteen eating alone, then I was wishing he could be our lit teacher again :(

English.. went to library to slack for 2 periods. Read this mag photography. OMG I REALLY WANT AN SLR CAMERA NOW MAN. Its so chio. And the pics you can take with the right focus lens and all. WOAHHH.

Stayed back with the OBS people for bio remedial. Went to bio lab and saw 3A there doing their practical x] David and Ryan was there hoho so fun! AND LOUIS PULLED MY HAIRBAND OUT AGAIN. GRR YOU. After that went to class with Lianyi and Jani to slack.

Went to class.. practiced my hiphop routine for Sunday's presentation/test thing since Maqrius wasn't too happy with Pamela and Priscilla's performance D: since he called me and nagged that he hoped to see me and Cy and Weesin do well.. I guess I needed the practice. Should've went for the individual lesson today. Kor didn't go.. I think Weesin was the only one who went. LOL.

Went opp. coffeeshop with Lianyi to eat cheese fries & drink tehbing. Super broke now. x] saw Aaron and Quin there :D After Lianyi left to go for the Chinese singing comp thing Quin was telling super lame jokes that I kept laughing at. Walao eh, the simplest things get me laughing D: not fair!

Went back to school to find David and Ryan cuz we thought they were jamming in the band room but they weren't cuz band people were inside. So we went to theatrette to watch Lianyi but there was like no seats. So we stayed outside to slack. Then Mr Lim went in with us (but we came out), and after a long time he came out with Lianyi. She was singing infront of him and he was coaching here.


Then he tried singing too and zhao-xiaed! HAHAHAHAHAAA serves you right. xD then went in and it was Chloe's turn. Soon after it was Lianyi's turn so we supported her :D stupid PA thing la, they never turn off Wang Li Hom's voice so ended up Lianyi followed his pitch and her rehearsed-until-perfect voice followed his and became super low. LIKE ZZZ!

After that we left when it was the lower sec turn x] hehehe mean!

Went to slack around outside PE store there. Then Lianyi did pole dance =.= omg tramautising! LOL its like after the competition she went all crazy. Saw Jiaen sitting there and she wasn't happy! D: I think from the singing competition. So we went to comfort her :D hope you're feeling better senior!

Slacked till 6plus. Watched the sec4 dancers do their hiphop routine then they were like "Wah sian, they keep doing the same one." when we were leaving Ryan came down. Me, Derick, Annabel and Lianyi left after that.

Took 262 with Derick. THANK YOU FOR PEI-ING ME! :D sat beside him on the bus and he kept complaining about the watch cuz he really wants it. OPPS. Sorry Derick! Will try to find more people ASAP! LOL. I highly doubt my parents will lemme get it for myself cuz its like 98bucks if we buy seperately and 95bucks if we buy 3 or more together. Me, Derick and Gengtao already planned to get that watch together even before OBS. So yeah most prob Derick'll get it first.

Went home and practiced the new Funk (opps I typed F***) choreo. Can't wait to learn the whole thing la funk choreos are so fast but fun to do! :D Lianyi says my hiphop I dance until very powerful so she likes it :D THANKYOUUU xoxo! ;D

Mmm still need to get something for the piggy and all. WAHHH need to save up more. I've decided to be a good sis this year and get my bro a more "in" and cool-er pencilcase. But yeah, ain't I nice? :]


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