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20 years young, a dreamer with a slight obsession for the lemniscate.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

How would you like it if someone calls you something you're not?
I didn't like it when I was accused. But what to do?
I can't say anything.
I hate being accused of that. I guess I'm super sensitive to that word.
Ya maybe you should ask yourself.

And your conclusion? Gwen's a hyprocrite.

Ugh I hate that word I effing hate that word. Reminds me of pri school. I hate being accused. Being accused a liar makes me feel like when I was accused of stealing a tape when I was framed by childish freaks who didn't want me to join the AVA club. And yeah, telling the truth hurts cuz all you get is being accused of a liar cuz people believe others and not you, and thats what happened. So shut up unless you've gotcha facts right.

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