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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shhh shut up.

Mmm. Its the wrong time for me to feel like I'm suffering, to feel that I'm stressed out.

Nah. I shouldn't feel this way. I can't feel lousy. Its only the start of the year and I'm wishing I were dead. Hahah.. amusing.

I'm not shedding these tears for nothing. I wish I could one day just explode, and I'll feel better. I've got too many problems to handle. So many things I wished I could do, but no. Everything's about this, that.

I can take all the insults, and all the "You're wearing a tie" shit (k so far haven't gotten that). I hate biasness from other teachers in our class. I'm wishing teachers won't go so fast. I can't catch up. I feel useless cuz I'm seemingly the only one.

I can handle this yes I can. Even you. Hahaha.. I can talk to myself even if I can't talk to you. Hahahahaha!


Then no one in this f*ing world would bloody care. Ooohlala! [:

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