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Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm still problem-ful.

Packing for OBS now. And I'm like super sleepy.

5days away from school. Sigh.. Oh well, I'll find some way to catch up.. some how. [;

Went for lunch with my family and Johnathan's (my cousin) family. Ge-peh, ge-m, Johnathan were there. Only Timothy :( I think he was having tuition. Ahma was also there :D we ate DIAN XIAO ER!

K la nothing fantastic about the food there. But yeah. The nicest thing there was the duck x] its super nice! Hahah. The fish also. When I reached there Ge-m was like "And there's your Coke, see Johnathan is such a nice cousin hor." then he started laughing. o.o I wonder why.. (still, psssssst! I don't drink Coke!)

We were talking about OBS, and my dad was all "You have to kill a chicken and cook it yourself!" then I "EEEEE don't be gross la. Don't have to lor please." then he "If not what, you expect a chef to cook for you ah? You ask Johnathan!" so I turned to my left and asked "Johnathan! When go OBS no need to kill chickens, right? o.o"

"Ya. Need."
"Ya. Need lor. You know how to kill annot? You take the neck *puts down his drink and pretends he's grabbing something* and twwwwwwist it like that *does the motion with his hands*."

AND I FELL FOR IT! I was EEEEEEW-ing for like idk how long. Then ge-m was like "Why what happened?" then Johnathan started smiling. My dad suddenly went "Aiyoh, Johnathan ah! You're such an awful liar! You were doing fine at the start till you started smiling.. and gave it away.." WALAO EI!!! D: I fell for his lousy lie. JOHNATHAN NEO!!! Rarghhhhh. =.=

After lunch Johnathan went to walk around hub to shop by himself before meeting friends. Then me, dad, mom and Gerald went to this pharmacy-like shop besides NTUC and bought stuffs like Mopiko, Lozenges and panadol for OBS.

Went home and used the com! :D played Audi. Then Quin came online so I played with her. [: played ballroom! Its quite fun but keeps on lagging D: esp when the changing partner mode is on. Piang :(

Talked to piggy after that. HAHA [: can tell he was quite sian. Uh, sorry! :( I know I'm damn boring to talk to on the phone haha. Then he gave me a bunch of nonsensical letters that made completely no sense and ask me solve the puzzle o.o

And YA. I know what it is k. GRRR. Aaron helped me since I remembered he read Digital Fortress already. HMPH. Tomorrow piggy's so dead. :D

K 12.19AM already and I'm not even halfway thru packing my stuffs. I think I better go continue. Stupid computer stop distracting me!

:( 5days 5days.. ah tahan-able! [; don't miss me yeah HAHA.
ITRSHM SGD OHF, piggy! (go figure it out. Hahaha [;)

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