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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo spam from OBS! :D

Back from OBS on Friday! :D

First 2 days sucked. But after that, the group bonded with the kayaking and trekking activities :D then everything got better.
I'm missing Munshi like hell now. And Marshall. Munshi + Marshall = Munshall. And its the ultimate love!

Spent 47bucks on the OBS shirts. Like hahahaha! And 6bucks on the notebook - which Gengtao helped me to pay first cuz I had no more money. LOL. I thought my mom was the one who wouldn't mind about the spending, but it turned out my dad was the one who didn't mind and that my mom was the one who gasped when I told her =.= LOL.

Yunhui, Farah, Felicia, Dexter, Ezzah, Azizul, Sufyan, Aishah, Ricky (cheechiong), Derrick, Sheryl, Huaiyue, Hilmi, Shinghou. I MISS YOU GUYS FROM MUNSHALL! ):
Went for KFC and bubble tea with the SC and PL gang from MFSS after we hit the jetty of Singapore! :D missed the place like hell. Hp went out of batt cuz I didn't turn it off when it was confiscated. ): lol.
Kiah Hong looked like Cheeteng from sideview (and almost everyone from MFSS in OBS I asked agreed can) and looked like Hanjie from Coffee Prince.
Mauricette (my female instructor, my group was the only one with 2 instructors) looked a lot like Ms Chew and all the MFSS people called her Ms Chew the moment we saw her when we reached Pulau Ubin.
Marshall's instructor looked like Mr Prem, and Gurmit Singh. =.= oh well.


The cool dudes! :D

:P hehehe Yokeyyy! :heart:
@the MPH

we OBS! ;]
Daron is dha coolesttt. x]
Jace, Lianyi and Sera :D

@block 7. Munshi + Marshall's block
Our food rations.
Jani, Huril and Aishah! :D

Justin, Jody, Yokeching, Derick and Joseph.
Yokeching, me and Derick! :D
Me and Gengtao!! :D
Justin and Kiahhong. Practicing BELAYINGGG.

The board with the belaying calls..
Demo using Derrick, Azizul and Shinghou! :]
Tidying up food rations..
Aaron belaying Jiaqi. And Wanling climbing! :D
We climbed this. Do you dare?
Ezzah belaying and Jody being assistant belayer.


Shoo la Justin! You pic spoiler. SEXY PELACO! (pronounced Perlacho, means prostitute :x)

Packing everything out from the trekking bags they lent us. ): super mahfan!
WOAHHH Justin the Sexy Pelaco so hardworking sei! Tidying up the store. :D
Jody, Wanling, Fazzy and Jiaqi. MUNSHALL PEEPS!
HELLO PEOPLE FROM BLOCK 6 (or was it 8?)
Yokeching came over :D
WALAO SHOO LUH JUSTIN SEAH NAAAAN ZHENG! Me and Farah! :D love her (not her lizzard).
Crazy Munshi + Marshall people. :]
Airing the tents..

Farah and meee. :]
I still don't know why Farah took a pic of Fazzy's BUTT. o__o
Packing and taking our remaining food rations (which Munshall had a lot).
We survived on these for the 4 1/2 days! :D
D: bleaaah. Sick of bread.
Cheechiong, Felicia and Sufyan! :D "Must maintain face luh! MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN!" (copyrighted Sufyan and Munshi)
Instructors! :D Mauricette, Syed and Kiahhong. (Ms Chew, Mr Prem and Cheeteng/Hanjie =.=)
Marshall :D
MAURICETTE! LET US IN! K just joking ;] she was watching them scrub the mess tins.
Scrub ahhhh!
Jody looks like she's a model or something.. o_o
We're gonna do the COMMITMENT ACTIVITY! (hit the bell hit it! :D just like trust fall but we jump for a bell instead of falling backwards)
): giving out certificates time..
Hilmi, Cheechiong, Derrick, Aishah and Kiahhong. ANONYMOUS CERT TIMEEE.
"And this cert is for... DERRICK!"

Getting back our valuable items :D
Act cool laaa. Sufyan, Justin, Ricky and Azizul! :]
"Yunhui, you DO know what happens right? After the Last LUNCH, BABY Jesus dies." (Munshi joke. Yunhui is Baby Jesus, and we had our last LUNCH (not supper))
DEXTER! :D hahah. Lamer ;D
tou pai! Can see Dexter staring at me. o__o wapiang eh scary sei.
tou pai 2! :D Jiaqi, Sheryl and Wanlinggg
Zhien got left behind cuz not enough space! D: ZHIENNNN!!
Lianyi and Wanling :D
Leaving Pulau Ubin :(

Blow SG winds, blow! :]

@the jetty.
Got some more pics but I didn't post all. Hahah. Oh well. Miss Munshi and Marshall! :(
Mmm. I'm still spooked by the fact someone from Munshall got possessed. But when I told dad, he said Thursday nights on islands like these are considered dirty nights, as Malays believe on these nights, the souls kept on the island are released to wander about.
Oh well, I'm back in SG already! :D nothing to worry 'bout ei. :D
Missing the instructors too! Espeically Mauricette, I'M STILL IGNORING YOU MAURICETTEEEEE! I promised. :D hahah. :( ahh k joking. :(( miss her a lot!

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