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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OBS.. lalala.

Mmm. Having a terrible sorethroat now, but still talkable. LOL. Just hurts a hell lot.

Mom ordered pizza today for dinner! Hahah. Actually she wanted to order Rite Pizza, but in the car after sailing I grumbled about wanting my Cheesy Lava from PizzaHut, and that last time when she was supposed to give me and my bro a before-school-reopens treat she ruined it by getting mad and scolding the manager and employees.. and pulled a long face before getting out of the car.. so she ordered Pizza Hut since I wanted Cheesy Lava. =.=

Dad's complaining that it costed him 20bucks more. LOL.

Sleepy already. Sailing today really got me.. idk what word. Haha. Sec1 girls came in today and there's Daomin and Nicole! Which made me super happy. LOL. Uh, there was the girl I didn't like so much.. and yadayada. (maybe I should get to know someone better before judging her by rumours..)

AND OH! Cuz the sec4s all have remedials on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they'll come to NSC after their remedials. So today we all got to sit in the high council row! Haha. Siungee and Tzuling saw us and was like "Eeyer Gwen's sitting in my place leh! I wantttt." and "Quin's sitting where I was! Haha."

So there's me, Quin, Iggy, Nicholas Wong and Wenfeng. Mmm I'm sitting where Cheeteng's sitting. But sometimes I'll wanna sit in the side, where Quin's sitting. Haha. So we'll be swapping places. Iggy's not happy cuz _______'s sitting at the back row with us, cuz we both feel David or Ryan should sit behind. And someone tried to be all captain-like, telling Ameerul where to sit, going infront and telling the girls to sit infront and such. Quite annoying.

Please stop giving us that stare already. You're "diaooo." stare. It's annoying please! :( and to the other person, stop it with your lame jokes. I was okay with you during camp till after that sms, I'm pissed off again. You know why, and it seems obvious I didn't want you to ask anymore.

But whatever. I can't stand you anymore. Too bad, I'm gonna be ignoring you and dao-ing you again like last time. You asked me a question at the wrong time. And asking again only made me feel more pissed. So too bad.

Boys are coming in on Thurs. Did Aaron get selected? :D haha. He's like one of the few sec1 guys I know better. Haha. Didn't sail today cuz of CAT1. Then before Jason launched the powerboat to bring the girls out for swim test, CAT2 sounded. =.= stupid sirens!

Then the rain came so quickly. Its like, *thunder!* then it POURED. And most of us were only halfway unrigging. Haha. Ningxin was crazy k. She was in school uniform but she still helped us unrig! The rest in uniform (meaning sec4s) went for shelter. LOL.

It was freezing but super shuang. Ryan needed to take out his bung and the thing that holds it, so David used the sail to shelter him. Jason and the NSC counter lady whistled and shouted for all of us to go inside. o.o

And yeah. I should confiscate Jason's Nike waterbottle. HE KEPT USING IT TO SPRAY MY FEET and his water is like, COLD?! Grr. Iggy wants to be a part-time coach! Haha. GO IGGY. Treat the gang after getting your pay k. LOL.

After that went to unrig the Picos the sec1s were meant to use. Me and Siungee were freezing. Hahah. Then I hugged her and she's all "You're wet so its cold!" x] I was also shivering lol. Miss her, Tzuling and Luoling a hell lot! :( kinda wish they were still sailing. Sigh!

Mmm feeling freaking fat after eating the pizza. Like 5slices? Oh well after sailing what to expect. Hahah. Tomorrow there's PE! :D 2.4 omg.. oh well. Time to run! Hahah. [:

Then there's all the zzz subjects tomorrow. I wanna sleep. Lianyi's sour mentos are running out cuz others keep kopeing them too. Haha, so its like no longer for me. Haha! But yeah. x]

Don't wanna do homework! Sleepy already. Oh boy.. still have to. Actually I think there's not much homework hmm.

I owe so many people birthday and one person Christmas presents! LOL. So extra, now want Christmas present from me. You know who you are laaa. [: haha.

Council's getting more and more absurd. Its like now even Wenyi's super mad at some people inside. Its like, everyone feels the people in Exco have changed. :( I want the old them back, more bubbly, lively and fun to be with! :( oh well..

Monday's OBS. Don't feel like going suddenly to let the PRs go.. regret missing 5days of school. I mean, I missed one day of school and I was lost for half a Geog lesson. And 5days away.. from my handphone.. omg wo bu yao! :(

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