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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hmm. Super bored.

Chatting with SHORTY Yaorui now on msn. Hahah.

Having tuition later. EVEN MORE SIAN. After that gotta rush home and quickly plan the whole dance thing for the test later. I DON'T WANNA FAIL K. If not have to go Beginner 2 extended. Sucks. Its just perfecting the moves we learnt over and over again. Stupid la, why need the entrance and exit for this? If not super shuang liao can, I would have just needed to practice the moves and perfect it.

Went to Uncle Willam's place yesterday for steamboat. Then kept watching Jeremy play guitar. Nicholas like siansian one. Hahah. Then me and Jeremy went outside to listen to the adults chatting and eat the desert thingy. Was so bored I fell asleep. LOL. Then kept waking up and going back to sleep.

I'm so nervous! D: about the dance test thing. Can't fail can't fail..! :(

Gotta finish up homework later too. I think there's a lot since I didn't go to school on Friday. Sigh! :( super stressed. I want to hurry and adjust to sec3 life man. Its like super hard. Sigh. Too many problems :(


I'm sorry. IMY.

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