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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mmm better.

Shall post about more stuffs. Feeling better. Just needed to get the rant out. Haha.

Mmm. Today's PE was highly uh, great? We ran 1.6 (like 10.42mins! Finally haha), did situps (did 47. Shouldn't have stopped) and STANDING BROAD JUMP! :D at first jumped 190cm, but when PE ended, I asked Ms Chew to let me jump again with Lianyi since we nothing better to do. Hahah.

And I jumped 199cm!
(walao, 1 more to 200. Stupid left (or right?) foot!)

Recess.. drank the drink thing with jelly. Not too bad. Justin Seah (NAAAAAAN ZHENG!), Shaun and Linjie they all came to sit where me and Lianyi were sitting zzz EXTRAS. [: then I last min go buy food and chionged it. Hahah.

Had lit after recess. Went to the library to watch the video of the play of our lit text, Off Center. A bit sian la, quite stupid. Hahah. x] and oh! Now after PE don't need to change out of PE clothes into uniform already! :D Mrs Leong only told 3D la never tell us..

English.. we had one slacking period! Cuz my group finished the Friendship poster already. Hahah. We were like the only group (or was Ruixing's group also slacking?) who were standing around, with Winteng and Yuenman singing and singing Chinese songs. I wonder why Mr Ho never catch us la. =.= haha.

WINTENG ALMOST MADE ME SIGN UP FOR CHINESE SINGING COMPETITION OMG. Then after school Cyndi come and confirm with me then I scream "CYNDI WO BU YAOOOOO!" x] sorry Winteng and Lianyi! :( me and Yuenman ps you two. :(

Stayed back to help Kerrie with the class deco. Justin Ong also stayed back cuz he was also the Art Director or whatever.

Lit rep (aka me) come and kachiao la. HAHAH.

Then Kerrie left for tuition, Melody zhao-ed with Mandy, I was left with Justin. Then we were like deciding how to do the 3E sign thing. Haha. Bev's right la, HE'S SUPER CUTE. LOL! x] kept suanning me about the 'E' I drew, "See la the center so small one! Why so small? Aiyoh!!! Mine nicer right? Riiiiiiight??" =.=

Justin left to go meet his friends, so ya I was left alone. Waited for Derick cuz he left his bag in my class and went to eat cuz he wanted to pei us. Or now it was me =.= haha. He came back with Gengtao (super slow eater la he).

Wanted to put bags outside council room then saw Jody, Likiong and Sally there lol. Mrs Sidhu just nicely saw Derick and talked to him. Then we talked about OBS.

Jody said "I don't know how to swim. LOL!" then Mrs Sidhu said "Don't worry, got lifejackets." LOL.

Went opposite after that so Gengtao and Likiong could eat. She treated us to cheese fries and some onion rings/nuggets! Omg la, GENGTAO YOU'RE LIKE DAMN NICE! :D

Hope to be in the committee for SEC1 SELECTION CAMP! :D gonna be super fun. Hahah. Derick's chairperson! [: Gengtao wants to be advisor. LOL. I wanna be in comm no matter what! x]

Chatted in school. Felt warm so we asked the lady to help us open council room :D at first Gengtao didn't dare to go in cuz she was afraid Muitiang come and scold her for going inside council room. Hmm why SC and PL so much "problems" between us? :( we're like meant to be a team with them can :(

Slacked inside and talked about diff stuffs (including my laughter. Ameer kept asking me to laugh cuz he said my laughter was "delightful" or something =.=) till like 7pm! LOL. Haha. Super late k. OM Han chased everyone left in school off by blowing his whistle and saying "OM HAN WANNA GO HOME!!! *peeeeeeeeeep!*" x] haha.

Went outside school with some of the sec3 dancers and we talked about OBS. Lots of tears shed :( aww Sera!

Discuss till I reached home at like 8pm. Aiyoh. Hahah. Sleepy already can. Haha.

Then Gengtao realised, discussing so much about it also no use cuz priority goes to her for OBS. Sigh. I wish both of them can go la, makes things so much easier. D:

I'm sorry. Maybe what you said didn't help me cuz I was feeling really stressed out. I didn't wanna say it over the phone to make you worried or something (doubt you would be! Ahhaha) but yes I was sad. Mmm refer to prev few posts. Don't wanna elaborate. Just know I'm sorry if I sounded moody at the end k?

Right now, I'm sleepy. 12.55AM over and out.

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