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Friday, January 18, 2008


Wah, just came back at about 5pm. LOL. Wanted to come back earlier but stayed in school to watch the teachers (2 Mr Lims, Mr Yeo and Ms Chew) play basketball! :D Ms Chew super pro! [: Mr Lim ah.. aiyohhh. x] joking.

Stayed back after lessons to clean up class. No one in my group (Nicolette cleaned the whiteboard!) bothered to stay back can, and today's our duty day..

Mr Lim talked to Sera for the chitchat thing till she cried! No la he didn't make her cry. She was talking about her parents I think and she got sad :( darling cheer up! Then went with Kerrie and Lianyi to canteen to eat. I wasn't hungry so eat Nata-de-coco thingy. Iggy koped like a lot. Hahah!

Went hub with Gengtao, Derick and Daron to get the firestarters and cotton twine from NTUC. Saw this pretty white Adidas watch at the watch place outside NTUC! :D four (or 3, if Daron doesn't buy) of us are gonna buy that watch together! :D damn cool. Hahah. But its 98bucks, 95 with student offer if we buy 2 or more. [: I hope my parents let me buy cuz I've had my Baby-G for so long.

Ate Sumo House with them. Derick bought the E-taki (octopus!) and I tried one without the head. Tasted like charsiew with the sauce... o.0

Went back to hub to look at that watch AGAIN! Hahah. I wanted the one with the redish-pink numbers and gold buttons but Gengtao and Derick wanted the one with the black numbers and silver buttons cuz the one I wanted was more girly. But I found it unique! So Gengtao agreed to buy the one with the redish-pink numbers while Derick and Daron buy the more guy one [:

Took bus back to school with them to pei Derick to take his bag. Wanted to leave immediately but realised today is Friday- teachers' games day! Haha. So went to watch the chers play bball with the dancers, Jiaqi so bad la keep saying Mr Lim lao kui. I was cheering for him k! Till he kept missing then I join Jiaqi's side! x]

Mr Lim played till he had a blister! Walao. Lousy shoe man. The skin was like bloody big piece la, and Maruay got him a nailclipper to clip off the skin and there was this red circle on his socks o.o eeeeeyucks! I kept screaming "EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW!" when I saw it. D: hate blood.

Walked to bus stop with Derick. Couldn't take 262 with me cuz he was late. Hahah. Sad! x] lol.

Hmm OBS in like 3days! Omg. I'm tempted to do what Derick's tempted to do, but OBS is a once in almost a lifetime thing, and all my friends are going. So might as well go! x] haha.

5days of school.
2days of training.


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