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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love until we bleed

R.I.P (one of my) calculators. Thank God I still have another.

Was sick the whole of today. And I hate being sick because I was so weak while I was still in primary and secondary school it made me feel useless. Felt weak and my hands trembled like mad (people who follow my Twitter should be able to tell cuz I was panicking and spamming). Couldn't walk past my bookshelf because my legs were weak, and I got scared.

Momszie stuffed me with EVERYTHING chocolate.

1. A damn sweet cup of Milo
2. I ate like 6 squares of dark chocolate (HEARTPAIN MY DARK CHOCO!!)
3. This really sweet custard puff

Felt slightly better but she tells me she wants me to take a blood test. I told her I'd rather have a car bang me/tree fall on me/lightning strike me before I would get a needle inside me. Thank goodness she changed her mind, with a "CHOI. Okay fine, bring you see Chinese doc soon. You sure you alone at home ok ah?"

Did a bit of Emath before falling asleep at around 3pm. Woke up around 9pm. Felt way better but now I feel really cold with a headache and sorethroat.

I feel old.

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