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Monday, July 12, 2010




So after 116mins of heart-stopping action, my expression says all. Unlike the match between Germany and Spain, this time I joined Casillas in crying happy tears. :')

The best 116mins of my soccer-watching life.... ever.

Was very disappointed in Netherlands. Not cuz I support the team, but because my beloved RVP (Spencer asked what's RVP. Robin van Persie. DOH) was playing dirty the whole time! I've never wished an Arsenal player to get red-carded, but yeah throughout the whole match I was there secretly hoping that RVP would get a red card.

Such foul play from Netherlands. So foul it made the pitch stink.

Bert van Mijk, what ON EARTH are you teaching your players? That playing dirty would lead to a championship win?

Next thing to look forward to for me:

C'MON ARSENAL FC, ITS TIME TO PREPARE FOR WAR MAN! And see, Arsenal loves Fabregas so much that Arsenal's official Twitter tweeted about Fabregas claiming the assist to Iniesta's goal against Netherlands. Fabregas, tell me why you would leave a team that adores you so?

Viva la Espanyol!

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