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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I found out last week that Kenny Wormald deleted his Youtube.

Now I'm sad. No more worm727 dance videos oh noooo.

Anyways, my whole week has been screwed. I'm exhausted, I want to sleep in, but noooo I can't. Even now as I'm blogging. I'm actually supposed to be asleep at this moment cuz I have tuition in like prolly 2 hours time??

But yeah I have this problem now. I WAS exhausted. Like exhausted to the point I fell asleep on the sofa while watching Cruel Temptations on Channel U after showering and all that jazz after I came home with my parents, whom bought me these awesome Audio Technica earpieces I'm wearing now to listen to my music from my laptop.

(BTW if you're wondering, they bought me the new A.T. Key model. Yeah it costs like 48bucks and I think I bought the last brown one! The rest of the colours looked SUPER gu niang and I was all ew I'm not gonna get something so girly daaaamn.)

So yes I fell asleep for a good half hour or so? Then Dad ruined it by waking me up. The moment he did, I snapped wide awake. Lay on my bed for over an hour and decided to walk around. Didn't work.

Did Emath instead. Didn't work.
Practiced all my old Sec 2 hip hop routines. Didn't work.
Read a mag. Didn't work.
Went outside to eat my favourite biscuit (its not lao po bing but something similar??). Didn't work.
Used the laptop. Didn't work.


My parents are awesome. Because these earpieces were meant to be my really, really belated birthday present, they offered to get me the 88bucks headphones I've been eyeing since I was like Secondary 3? Or even the 78bucks one. But I told them I'd just save up for the headphones myself since I'll most prolly use it at home since I'm like a music junkie and I hate listening to music from the laptop's speakers itself. Also cuz I won't be able to damage it since I'm definitely not bringing headphones out unless my bag's pretty empty.

Okay, digressing aside......

Yeah why I said I'm screwed's cuz I'm so friggin' worn out. I can't seem to find a SINGLE day I've not been out! Lets see.. yeah, nothing.

And tomorrow after tuition I'll be joining my new colleagues for lunch/whatnot after they book out from the company chalet, which I'm really not looking forward to unless Tim and Jip(?), my teammates, are there.

And AFTER tuition I'll be coming back to AMK to buy flowers and chocolates for Rach's ACJC performance at the Esplanade. I've not seen her since ever and it'll be nice seeing her again. Re-wearing the outfit I wore today to meet Ker to mug cuz I can't be bothered to pick another outfit so hurrah for the laziness in me.

AND after Rach's performance (or even before. Might just attend like half an hour of it) I'll be rushing down to dance. Doubt I'll be able to make it though but I feel fat and I really wanna dance instead of wasting money since I paid for the course.

But yes like I said I doubt I can make it.

Just when I thought Friday might be my only "off" day, I may be having tuition with Rei cuz we're thinking of getting Vincent back as our tutor.

Saturday? Don't get me started. I would definitely enjoy whatever's going on on Saturday, but I really cannot take it I'm gonna crash and burn soon. Every time I go out people say I look tired, haggard.. exhausted.

Ker gave me this huge reminder. I read through my saved texts and cried cuz I stumbled across the text from MOE telling I got into ITE's Visual Merchandising course.. and hell no I don't want to experience that friggin' roller coaster ride of emotions again.

God has no idea how thankful I am to have such a friend as one of my best friends. No idea.

I need to get a f*ing scheduler. Or just reject any invitation to go out.

Oh well.

Life isn't fair now, is it?

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