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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seventeen Forever (21 mini-haul!)

Okay I'm listening to the song Seventeen Forever by Metro Station, and I'm gonna do a mini-haul update for my finds at Forever21 today.

So.. Seventeen Forever 21 mini-haul guys!

(Veh funny right. Right?? RIGHT?? Ha ha ha. You guys aren't a humorous bunch, are you? :( )

Anyways yeah nothing much to this 'haul' because it wasn't really a haul. My friends would know how big a F21 fanatic I am. I believe I've spent over 600bucks in total on F21 stuff. My outfit every day consists of something F21.

I bought two necklaces and a red beanie.

Was THIS close to buying 3 tops -- 1 "Miami" pink + sheer v-neck, 1 sky-blue v-neck and one comfy size 'L' long-sleeved top! Would've spent like a total of 70bucks if I bought those 3 tops. But I decided that 29bucks for the Miami top wasn't worth it, and well, I regret not buying the long-sleeved top. Boo.

But I do love v-neck tops.

Anywho here's my stuff! (I've never bought necklaces from F21 so yeah, pretty ecstatic about my finds.) And again, I was close to spending an extra $11 on an owl necklace. But it was silver and I don't hit off so well with the colour.

I realised I'm a sucker when it comes to putting on necklaces on my own:

Red beanie!

Okay that's all. Just a short update because I was bored and decided to kill time by showing off what a Forever21 nerd I am.

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