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Saturday, July 10, 2010



Bet I gotcha there!

I would never cut my hair short. Not for now anyway. I know I contemplated hair of that length like a few months back (Qah was like, "GO FOR IT BABE JUST CUT JUST CUT!!" and Ker was all "Noooo when the weather gets warm you can't tie your hair!!")

Yeah enough of camwhoring pics. My hair's (slightly) straighter, no? Heehee I straightened it using my straightener which Mom and I have not touched for a little over a year now.

The aftermath (with my fringe pushed a lil' more to the side)

Okay yeah I do stupid stuff like straightening my hair at 5AM. Yes WE'VE ALL ESTABLISHED THAT FACT. (I realised this is the 3rd time I'm saying "We've established that fact")

Family's going on a food-feasting Malaysia trip tomorrow. That'll include that awesome durian place at Tangkak! I really really wanna go there but ugh I've been scared shitless of the amount of calories one seed of durian has! Much less the whole damned thing.

And that awesome beehoon place! I used to hate beehoon as a kid but started to eat it since sec1 I think. Believe me when I say I love the beehoon there because I've never tasted such yummy beehoon! Then again, all delicious food's fattening.. foodies, lets just admit that.

And because all delicious food's fattening, I've opted out of tomorrow's trip!

Besides, I've got better things to do like stay home and rot.

So I'm prolly going for this job interview/orientation tomorrow. A tad bit dubious but Momszie called back the dude and was alright with it. Imagine her trash-talking to the dude at 11pm. Okay she's not that fierce, just saying..

Ker might accompany me there too. Meeting Alex after her her project meeting to go to *SCAPE to support my dearest Twinnie Tang Mingwei and his stall! His friend's, actually. Can show Alex how cool O School is at the same time. Yes I love O School now!

Then we're heading back to her place or mine (hopefully buying a tub of Ben & Jerry's on the way!) to sleepover or just to chill, depending on what time my parents get back.

Scrubs marathon, anyone?

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