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Friday, July 02, 2010


Happy birthday sweetie!

Mom bought a cake from Polar (she asked for my recommendations and I was like "OH I LOVE THEIR CHOCOLATE FUDGE! Bought it for Ker's birthday the last time"). Hopped down to Cel's place straight after dance, which explains my really chui face.

Drank Bailey's, ate a huge slice of cake and had a little catching up over our favourite strawberry BBT.

Cel, never change. Stay the way you are, I and many others love you for that. I'm glad we're still besties over the years and its amazing how our moms are now like sisters.

And today.. Well I was in a really bad mood in dance. Learnt my lesson on SKIPPING lessons. Will never do that ever again in XH's class unless I want to feel like crying throughout the whole 1 hour session again.

Well okay I can catch on but the moves Xuehui taught last week are just too hard to catch up within that measly hour. Was so frustrated with myself. This is the first time Anika saw me like that. She was constantly asking me, "Are you okay Gwen?" and telling me "Chill, take it slowly." or "Relax, it took me an hour at home to get this part right."

Thank you babe. Without you today I might've just burst.

I can't adapt to Xuehui's teaching style. Unlike Choonhui (Studio Wu), Xuehui won't wait. She won't go beside you if and dance with you until you get the steps. She just moves on.

I'm wondering whether to continue on with Xuehui's Hip Hop II course, or try An An's Hip Hop I. Though that would mean starting all over again with a course.. I wanna move on to HHII really!

Choonie really makes me enjoy dance. I laugh and smile a lot during her lessons. In XH's class I hardly do. I only laugh because I usually make a fool out of myself infront of Anika and Grace by twirling around when we finish rounds with music.

All in all, the problems are more or less the same.

My previous Math tutor made me enjoy Math. My new tutor makes me feel stressed.
My previous dance teacher made me LOVE dance. The new one I'm under makes me feel terribly stressed during dance.

UGH!! (with an extra exclaimation point for that added effect)

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