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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Singfest/Collecting/IKUTA TOMAAAAAA

I can't believe it. I don't think I'll be able to get the Singfest tix unless my parents are willing to pay for like a bit of it. But what are the chances when they've spent over $100 on me last week? UGH.

I can't bear to spend anymore moneyyyy.

At least Daomin wants to go too so I know I won't be alone?? Hate being moolah-less!

I've got like $503 left in my bank account, which is bad. As long as I see that the amount inside's like below $700 I'll freak. And now its 200bucks below $700 so of course I'm freaking out.

Which sucks because I really want a new pair of Converse sneaks and a new pair of Vans. Hahah its dumb but my dream's to own..
  1. A display cabinet full of working vintage film cameras
  2. A cupboard full of Vans and Converse shoes

And now I've got a new dream added, and that's to see Ikuta Toma in person one day, even if he's like 100 years old and ugly or something. And oh, Matsujun too! (I almost squealed amongst like a random crowd of people while waiting for the traffic light because I saw Jun's LARGER-THAN-LIFE-sized Fasio advertisement on the FRIGGIN'. DOUBLE. DECKER. BUS.


Or to live in Japan, which has always been a dream by the way.

A really. Really. Expensive.... dream.

I just finished Hanakimi earlier and my gosh you should see how excited I get whenever Toma does something cutesy. Love him so so so so so much! I'm back to being a Jap fangirl. Sugoiiii. :)

Which MAY be a bad thing because I remember when I was crazy over Jun-kun (SEE?! I'M ALREADY DOING IT) I kept going :3 and ^-^ and ^_^ and "jya mata" and "oyasumiiiii" and "daijoubu des!" and "hai!" and jun and san and sama and........


But I remembered how when the Japan students came to MFSS for a day (it was a Saturday, if you're wondering why the only Jap students you ever saw were those from the Japan Exchange Programme) and when Loic and I were emcees for the event, it was so fun! Back then I knew like a bit of casual conversational Jap from all the animes and Japanese drama I watched so it was an awesome experience.

And oh how when they used Arashi's song A.RA.SHI when they performed for our SLs.. heehee I squealed damn loudly backstage, "ARASHI????! SUGOIIIIIIIII NE!" and the girls all looked at me with their huge eyes that literally screamed YOU KNOW ARASHI??

I was all "MATSUJUN! kaokoii yo ne?" and, well, you know girls. Language is NEVER a barrier when it comes to fan-girling. They nodded in agreement and we all happily giggled amongst ourselves happily ever after.

-The End-

No I'm not kidding that's what really happened.

Okay since I can't sleep and I have nothing else to do on the laptop I should prolly tidy my study table and like, clear all my junk so I can actually use it??

And do a bit of Emath. My fingers are itching for the calculator. Oh how queer.

Going with the fam for lunch @ IKEA hopefully! They went today cuz Mom couldn't wake me up. (I slept at about 11am?) So when Dad woke me up it was like, 8.30pm. I'm dying for salmon.

AND WHY DO I NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD. DAMN. I see so many things I want from this particular online shop and when I glanced over the modes of payment.. 1. Paypal, 2. VISA, 3. Mastercard.

Oh well, time to do something I've never done before.......


p.s. Gwendolyn Neo please stop visiting your own blog to listen to your blog's song. Download it already!

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