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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fixie Bikes and Aggro-skating

I should prolly head off to bed now. Can't stand it when people complain about having school. Its so much better than being at home/going out every day, studying and not knowing whether you can make it to Poly next year. Like seriously, stop complaining about tests and projects. I'd give anything to be doing them right now.

At times like these I regret not accepting my ITE slot. Should've just gone and do my Visual Merchandising for 2 years, get a good GPA and then head off to Poly.

Anyways, those photos were from my Genting trip! Driving there's so much better than taking a coach. I've got loads of photos to upload and show you guys man! Being in Genting itself was boring but the drive up and down totally made up for it.

Must push my lazy ass to go do a blog post to show y'all the awesome food we ate there! Simple fare, but good nevertheless.

p.s. FIXIE BIKES ARE SO ADORABLE! But I'm saving money and waiting for next year to do aggressive (also called aggro) skating! I've found some awesome-looking 2nd hand ones and the sellers are asking for at least $400+?? Mad awesome stuff, but it looks like I'll be breaking a few bones considering how clumsy I already am in my LEGS. Imagine me in aggro-skates.. hah! ;)

Happy birthday Celine Xie!
You know I luv you!

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