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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tumblr, people!

Hi guys!

Yes, I've succumbed to the Tumblr trend, I'll admit.

And no, I'm not moving there, and I never will. But its like a side-blog for me? I post photos, quotes and reblog random shizz there. So yeah do follow me if you like my works here on Realityworks and all that nonsense!

I don't blog there, the blogging's done here. :) I've been blogging on Realityworks since.. well like primary 6 (before that I had another blog. No infact I have like 4 other blogs that I use for blogging (I have a total of 12 blogs linked to my Blogger account, the rest meant for Blogskins and class stuff) -- 3 that I don't blog on anymore since I created RW in primary 6, and 1 I use for personal stuff).

So yeah I'll never abandon or change Realitywork's URL.

So after all that nonsense.. CLICK CLICK CLICK here for my Tumblr and +follow!

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