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Friday, July 09, 2010

I am Hip Hop I no more!

I can't believe this is an ACTUAL movie and not one of the countless parodies found on Youtube. I'm definitely gonna catch this. Fo' shizzle yo.

Yours truly is now officially done with O School's Hip Hop I course.

AND I MET HOK OF SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE SEASON 3 up close and personal today before and after class! Was gushing like a little girl getting candy throughout and I even forgot his name because I was so excited. He's teaching one of the Master Classes that his crew Quest Crew taught tonight.

He's shorter than what I thought he'd be, though. BUT I LOVE HIS HAIR.

I love everything about today. Xuehui breaking us up into groups to do blocking and one-eight of a choreography was the best thing that ever happened in this class (besides having known Grace and Anika).

Thanks to this, the group of people I kinda disliked are now people I find really fun. Finally understood how the Chinese phrase ren bu ke mao xiang applies in life. I now have more than 7 friends from this dance class. Even though our group was the worst (we did really easy formations and didn't add in our own choreo at all), we laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of the groups' mini-performance.

And thanks to this, I went home via train with one of my new buddies. Hi Cheryl Y.! Please take note that I am a Facebook homepage mini-feeds flooder.

Can't wait to introduce her and Fitzgerald to Anika next week! WE'RE OFFICIALLY HIP HOP II STUDENTS, BABY! I may have been dancing since primary 6, but I've never gotten a cert from anything hip hop related so this is one thing I'll keep properly.

(Oops, its actually.. well, on the floor now.......)

Sadly I'll never see Grace in anymore cuz she's joining Street Jazz.

Events of the day aside..

... it seems like yours truly won't be sleeping on her bed tonight/tomorning..

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