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Saturday, June 05, 2010


Yay! Checked Youtube and found out that Kenny Wormald just uploaded a new video -- A compilation of all his dance stuff from MTV's Dancelife (I doubt they had it on MTVAsia) and Center Stage: Turn It Up (a movie I highly doubt was shown in Singapore).

I'm a huge fan of his and he used to be on my cell's wallpaper. I also have most of his Youtube dance videos on my iPod. If you didn't know, now you do!

Tried playing around with my hair's parting earlier today and realised it was annoying to have a thick bunch-o-hairz in your face. Just a few minutes ago I got rid of it ;)

I always trim my fringe on my own whenever I cannot stand it, but the past few times I actually got around to doing it, I ended up annoying myself even more. Even though I sit infront of my dustbin, hair still ends up on the floor. And by that I mean MANY strands of hair. Imagine clearing the shorter strands.. Ugh.

Might be going out of the country this June! I'm always a bit terrified of travelling because me being the worry-wart me, I would always think about the extreme ends of things. What happens if something happens to me? What if I die overseas? What if what if whdfughekjfgne!!!!!ERDK?!?!?!

I think watching the History Channel and Discovery Channel via cable TV with my dad and brother in the past really scared me shitless. Especially Air Crash Investigation etc.?

Anywho, my laogim and laogu are at my place playing mahjong with my parents now, and my room's terribly messy. Not like there's any link in THAT, Mom just hates it when people are over and my room's messy. I don't get it though, because when people are over my door's usually closed.

Oh well, at least it isn't as messy as my room during O's!

But it will soon be.

Can't wait for June 11th! 'Till then, its time to play some L4D2 via Garena. I wanna play it via Steam, dammit.

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