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Saturday, June 26, 2010


So many plans on my mind, too little money to execute.

Either that or I'm just plain lazy.

1. I've been considering upgrading to a Canon/Nikon DSLR. Either way, selling off my Sony on Clubsnap to get money for the upgrade would be easy but whether I'll be able to live without a DSLR for a few months (I'm predicting I wouldn't bear to part with about 500bucks in one shot so I'll have to work for it) is another story altogether.

2. Considering reverting to Blogger's basic templates. Though I wouldn't say 'reverting'. More of 'changing to' because I've been using blogskins I made for myself since.. ever. I made this one myself too and people like Belle or Drey would know it took me a day to make this perfect, and up 'till now I'm editing the codes here and there to make it better. Recoding HTML isn't easy.

Also, the words on this blogskin aren't just there fo' show. It meant something back then to me.. and those words kept me going. Not sure if I'm willing to demolish my efforts and use something everyone else is using. Fancy schmancy, the new template's easier to navigate around though! AND SO MUCH NEATER. See how I'm just dumping all my formspring.me, counters and music codes around? Or maybe I should just code myself an extra space at the right side to neaten things up around here. Opinions?

3. Wondering whether to get a BB + iTouch like what Aaron suggested, or to just get the iPhone. The main reason I want a phone like that's cuz I want to be able to use the Internet wherever, and my Nokia phone kinda sucks for that.. :| Anyways yeah Aaron told me get BB + iTouch but I hate the Internet interface for BB! And rumours are that the iPhone 4G's glitchy. I think Tim would get the iPhone 4G though! (He just lost his new iPhone 3GS :sadface:) Shall wait and see.

4. Myself. Everyone has to change (for the better) at some point. As for matters of the heart.. well I've talked to Alex and got her opinion. Thanks babe, what you said meant so much to me. I hope I know what I'm doing. I know I won't become emoshizz again, so I'm hoping for the best :)

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