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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Stars and Pillows

I'm finally back from Genting! Fatter and uglier than ever before, with a cold and sore throat. Gained 2kg and came back sniffling and sneezing the on the precarious car ride back. The signs of a typical Singaporean edging itself out as I realised a road trip more than 2hours long posed as a threat to me. I could've died.

So the trip was pretty fun. Staying there? Not so much. Loved the cold weather, hated how boring it was because it was just.. Genting. Nothing new, nothing old.

Continuing more on my trip tomorrow or some other day with more photos so just watch this space.

Observing stars on the trip back made my day. I love stars so much. Years ago, _ had such a hard time guiding me by the shoulders because all I did was walk with my head facing the sky. Stopped doing that in recent years, realised it made me look silly.

Makes me wonder why I live in a city. There's so much light pollution here that I can't see anything.

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