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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Trying to find that one thing..

Credits to someone on Photobucket??
Yes, I didn't take this.

So I'm bored. My eyelids are heavy and slowly closing down on me but I refuse to sleep because I just ate salmon sushi and I feel too fat/full to sleep.

I gained weight! Not awesome. Must cut down on the sweets and eating-because-I-got-nothing-to-do. All my effort to lose weight going down the drain, bit by bit.

Wondering if I should go back for service at HOGC this weekend. I feel ashamed that I backslided but Ingrid's telling me everyone would be excited to see me again rather than wondering why I'm back (in a negative way). Well of course they'll be nice! We're talking about people like Tock, Janice, and my long-time friends Ethel and ah-Foo the 半鸡半鸭。She will kill me if she sees that but as ex-classmates in Aitong School we must give each other nicknames, since I was her Gwendolflyn. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer? Gwendolf? See the link?

I know I most prolly posted this up on my blog before in 2008 but here it is again! I watched this at least 3-4 times just now.

I've been listening to Korean songs since 2003 (for BoA) and I used to like all the old Kpop bands. Blackbeat was one of them! But of course SM stopped promoting them that's why you never hear anymore news of them. They were my favourite cuz they dance really well. They taught DBSK's Yunho and Jaewon's now the choreographer for the new SM Entertainment boy/girl groups.


Kidding, kidding. My expectations aren't THAT high.

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