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Gwendolyn N.
20 years young, a dreamer with a slight obsession for the lemniscate.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I suddenly feel like going to Penang to visit my grandma's friend and her grandchildren (my childhood friends) Tongtong, Xuanxuan and Yangyang. I'm suddenly missing a lot of people, wonder why. Recently I thought of the sailors, and now Zitong, Zixuan and Ziyang. I remember how Tongtong and I always wrote letters to each other in broken Chinese and English until we met again which would be a year later. I wonder how Xuanxuan's doing now- the last trip to Penang I hung out with him cuz Tongtong and Yangyang went to Singapore as I came to M'sia. He was such a nice person! Makes me wish I had an older brother like him.

Don't we all wish we could travel back in time to appreciate how carefree life used to be?

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