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Friday, June 25, 2010

Mind Cafe

Met Mel, Manda and Cia today! Its been so long. Felt quite nice to see them again though I must admit I felt a bit awkward because its been too long since I really talked to them as a whole, but fun nevertheless. Headed down to Minds Cafe at Boat Quay and by golly, it was FAR. Got off at Raffles Place MRT and walked for quite a while before we found the damned place.

Okay I cannot believe I just said "by golly".

The place smelt like pee. Yeah well duh because the toilet was situated right behind us.

Ordered beef lasagna while Cia ordered some chicken thing to share. We played so many different boardgames like True Colour, Sitting Duck, Guesstunes (like charades).. pretty fun!

Walked to Fullerton, then The Central, enjoyed the scenery, saw a dried up dead frog, bought watermelon-flavoured Stickys which I've yet to eat.. Awesome day!

By the way, happy birthday. I'm wondering how you're doing.


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