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Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Kiss

About a week+ ago I met up with the girls for lunch. We had a major camwhoring session and I taught them how to do the heartshape with your fingers. We took one shot with Joey's Macbook and in the end they gave up.

We camwhored for God knows how long. Terribly long, infact. The staff from Nebo kept staring at us especially this guy. I bet he was thinking, "Wtf why are these girls still here. First they got Macbook to Photobooth with. Now they got DSLR?! WHAT THE!?"

Anyways yeah, I've not yet edited the photos we took that day from my DSLR. Everything's on FB, though! Hah, the wonders of FB when you're just plain lazy.. you gotta admit, it comes in handy sometimes.

Meeting Rei tomorrow to shop and eat Indian food at either Ion or FEP! I'm tired of shopping at FEP though, everything there's so common. Its like if one girl in Singapore has that particular item, chances are at least 10 more girls have that item too.

Oh well, cheap thrills always get the better of me :P

Things to get?: (More) concealer /Sephora, Shorts /Topshop??, Accessories /anywhere, Shoes /New Look/F21/anywhere, really (as long as my feet are comfy), Denim long-sleeved shirt /Cotton On, Tops /F21..

I need my F21 fix now really! I need more clothes. Looking through Lookbook (pun not intended!) makes me wish I were skinny so that I could pull off all those awesome outfits. I would love to buy clothes like that but the chances of me being able to pull it off? Real slim.

(Hey that sounds like a pun right there! Really, I didn't intend for it until I was re-reading my blog post to check for spelling errors.)

The boys on the webpage are terribly cute, handsome and whatnot! Even if they aren't, they dress really well. Gotta love a boy with an awesome fashion sense, and that website's filled with boys like that. Guys like that are hard to spot in Singapore :(

OH BUT I SAW ONE WITH ANIKA TODAY AFTER DANCE! We walked up and down Cineleisure to cool down. Well, he wasn't good-looking, but his dressing was awesome. Um, minus the floral-print cap, maybe.


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