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Friday, June 04, 2010


Played around with the image yesterday and made that. I love playing with the words but I hate playing around with Gaussian Blur cuz I'm always so indecisive to the point that a radius of 4.0 and 5.0 pixels makes a huge difference to me.

Well I decided to come update my blog since my Math tutor's gonna be late by an hour and a half.

Gonna be meeting APhuaz to study later, and hopefully Alex's joining us. Was supposed to meet him by 4.15pm but cuz of my tutor I'll be going over later. Sigh. I really dread tuition now, but oh well, figures that I need more if not I'll never pass this year's O's and it'll be another month of desperation and depression for me after receiving a cert that tells me I can only go to ITE.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against going to ITE.

Contemplating asking my mom to get Vincent to tutor me again. I was more comfortable with Vincent's style of teaching and it was more relaxing? He was the one who got me to love Math just before O's, sadly just a tad bit too late. My new tutor's (named King Man. Yes he's from Hongkong so it's a canto name) alright partially because he's younger and more understanding, but somehow I'm not getting what I need to know. And I feel a bit intimidated during his lessons to the point that I feel pressurized. HE WATCHES ME WHILE I DO THE PRACTICE QUESTIONS and goes, "Mhmm.. Mm.. Uh...?" So it may be a good idea to get two tutors I guess?

I'll go hit the bottles of Mogu-Mogu in my fridge now. Toodles!

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