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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Like, seriously?

I wanted to blog initially because I just found out my hubby Samir Nasri isn't playing for France for World Cup 2010 and I'm not happy about it!

(Yes Leonard told me its old news but still.. The last time I checked everyone was saying he's in the line up for France so I took it for granted and thought that he'll be playing.)

Screw you, Raymond Domenech! I hate you! Because of you Nasri's doubting himself. I really hope this doesn't affect him when he plays for Arsenal for the next season. It'll be damn heartbreaking to see Arsenal get trashed again.

g says:
- i want to live, like a -something something something-
care-less and free
- i want to run through the jungle
the wind in my hair
and the efhjidfojifdjgoif through my feet

Ker says:
- ????????????

g says:
- the song i'm listening to now

Ker says:
i'd liketo see how she/he pronounces hfpahfpiwnwfe

Ker, you do know how much I love you for random shit like this right. And yeah before I typed out The Animal Song (yes that is the name of the song, Quinnie would know), we were discussing World Cup '10.

From there we moved on to discussing watching a match or two overnight at McDonald's, and many other random things inbetween later, it became about her cooking 10 pots of red bean soup and finally to her being queen of the Red Bean Soup and bleeding red bean soup whenever she cuts herself. -_-

I SO cannot believe we just discussed all that.

The precious photos Cheryl got for me from the Emirates Stadium itself last year!

I still remember how she brought these along the day the O level results were released.
Then how as I sat there on the floor crying over my results, she whipped these two out and was like, "NAH! SURPRISE!"

Btw I spent a long time trying to draw the perfect heartshape over my darling's face on the webcam thing. HAHA.

Hm, to get my card-reader fixed, or not?

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